Saturday, December 7, 2013

Creating an Eclectic Dining Area

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If you are an artsy type like I am, you truly want your space to reflect your personality.  Being that I am absolutely OBSESSED with do-it-yourself projects, (good grief, you should see my Pinterest boards), I have always had a love of eclectic styles.  Today's post will reflect how I created an eclectic dining area. 

When recently redoing my dining area, I wanted it to look classic, but also have European elements which are true to the Mediterranean style of my little house. Choosing different chairs and décor that share some elements of commonality assures your design will be cohesive not only with the rest of your home, but with itself.

First, I chose a color scheme.  My favorite color has always been blue.  I just love how calming, cool, and refreshing it is.  I picked up some English and antique chairs; I reupholstered them (tutorial here) in this lovely striped fabric. The fabric I chose was not overly busy; but combined the elements of blue and a silvery neutral tone, which is the other main color I chose.

The walls in my home are a light taupe, so in this particular area, I painted the wall a darker neutral as an accent color.  Here is the contrast.

Next, I placed this dark cabinet to house my dishes. I love that this cabinet has very clean lines, but also an elegant molding on the top which makes it less modern and more French Country.  It reminded me of an antique French Bibliothèque furniture piece, which I adore, so it was exactly what I was looking for.

Here is a closeup. I also appreciated the rubbed antique look of the wood.

I chose white and silver as accent colors in this setting, because I wanted a striking pop of color against the dark wood floors and the dark cabinets.  To achieve that, I placed my handmade high-back bench.  When I first began this project, I wanted a highback bench, but found that they were extraordinarily expensive.  I even considered placing a leather English Chesterfield sofa at the table which would also double as a dining chaise, but in the end, I opted for a handmade highback bench.  To view the tutorial, you may visit the post in the archives by clicking here

Next, I chose this lovely table.  This table is just wonderful because it has the rustic appeal of the planks, yet it varnished in such a way so it appears slightly shiny.  The shine on the table emulates a more classic feel...had it not been so, the table would be much more of a country table; and wouldn't quite mesh with my classic-meets European Country idea.   

I chose to place these lovely damask chairs at the head and foot of the table.  I love that these chairs are a silvery-grey and I adored the intricate scrolling of the French damask pattern. 

Finally, I added these large floral arrangements.  I chose these because the bench was white, and the hardware of both the bench and chairs was silver.  Placing these large silver vases directs the eye and pulls out these elements in the other pieces; and the taupe-accented white foliage with dark branches really does the same for the table and floors in my home.

From my collection:
Extending table, Pottery Barn Cortona Collection
Sliver-grey damask chairs, Cynthia Rowley; from HomeGoods
Large vases and white foliage, ZGallerie
Dark Cabinets, Tai Pan Trading

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