Thursday, April 10, 2014

Set Your Table With Flair--Easter Rhapsody in Blues

Ahhh, blue.  My absolute favorite color.  Blue reminds me of wonderful skies, of clear, cool water.  I usually reserve Easter for traditional white, bright yellow, and cool green; or other colors representing Spring, but this year I decided varying blues were the way to go.  I hope you enjoy the post.

When I was planning my table for this Sunday's gathering, I wanted to go a little more low-key than usual.  We don't normally eat outdoors for Easter, but when I began this post, the weather was completely overcast.  I wasn't getting much light indoors.  Spring to me is all about light and sunshine, so I wanted as much light on my table as possible.  By the time I was completely set, the sun decided to come out of hiding and grace me with its wonderful warmth.   

I began with a bright white tablecloth.

Next, I placed a small fabric piece diagonally to bring in the initial blue, serving as a runner.  

In the middle of my table, I placed a large Easter Basket arrangement using the technique I always use for basket arranging.  If you would like to see the tutorial, visit the post on my other blog The Crafting Table by clicking here

Next, I placed my blue fleur-de-lis plates,

their coordinating saucers,

and a simple salad plate to complete the stack. 

I placed a navy napkin adorned with light blue ribbon next. 

Followed by a small bunny ornament

and Easter topiary tree place setting. 

If you would like to see the tutorial to create this ornament, please visit the post on my blog The Crafting Table here

If you'd like to make this tree ornament, you can visit that post here

The cobalt flutes came next,

followed by adorable bunny candleholders with blue tapers in them. The theme of my Easter décor this year definitely has been all about bunnies, bunnies, and more bunnies!

Here is a closeup of each candleholder.  Aren't they sweet!?

You can't really tell from the photos, but these are really a very pale blue.  Here is a pic indoors...don't know if there is much difference, lol. 

Finally, I set a rabbit figurine,

and a rabbit trifle dish to complete my table. 


Here are a couple closeups of the setting:

A few more:

From my collection:
Fleur de lis plates, generic, from Tai Pan Trading
Simple salad plates, Ralph Lauren Club Collection
Cobalt flutes, generic
Rabbit figurine, Fitz and Floyd
Rabbit trifle dish, thrifted, Amscan of Taiwan   
Rabbit candleholders, thrifted, Takahashi of Japan
White cloth, generic
Floral fabric, Joann Fabric Signature print
Basket, Big Lots (and painted by myself with Martha Stewart blue pearl paint)
Florals, all, Hobby Lobby

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  1. Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home

    Thanks so much for coming by and leaving a comment . . . because it brought me back to your lovely blog. Your family must have felt very special to eat at your Easter table this year!
    Have a beautiful week,

  2. It's wonderful that you had the good weather to set this table outdoors so early in the month of April!!! I think on April 10 we were still watching snowflakes drift through the air. :-( Last year, we even got snow in MAY!!!!!!!!!

    I love it that you took this in a different direction color-wise. Too often we get hung up on all the "usual suspects" when Easter rolls around. I think it's terrific to explore other color palettes that might work...and this one definitely does!!! It's the versatility of the table overall that I like. You could just as easily replace the bunny rabbits with something else and have a whole different table going on. Perfect!

    The floral fabric is really pretty, and it gives the table a very Spring-y look. I LOVE those dishes...the color is so great!

    I'm not sure how I missed this post when it first came out, but glad to have gotten a chance to see it. Have a great week!

    1. Yikes! That is an unrelenting winter! Hope it gets better soon. :)
      I'm flattered, you set such gorgeous tables! Thank you for stopping in!

  3. What a charming setting! I love the blues and the bunny and basket. Just lovely!

  4. Lovely table and atmosphere!! Color all just pop! Hope your Easter was wonderful!! Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  5. Sexy table setting! I love the color and arrangement with an attractive flower banquet. I’m looking forward to make one in the backyard garden, since your idea is absolutely awesome!

    Sebastian Chuter