Monday, April 28, 2014

Spring Into Summer Décor

Hello, friends!!  Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by my blog!  As the Easter celebration season comes to an end, I begin thinking about decorating the house with a theme more directed toward Summer.  However, not wanting to jump the gun too quickly....Summer doesn't officially begin for quite some time, so, while I do think it is time to bid farewell to bunnies and eggs, I like the idea of seasonal décor that incorporates both Spring and Summer elements.

First, I decorated my front doors with these simple lavender door bunches.  To view the tutorial how to make these, you may visit the post on my other blog The Crafting Table by clicking here.    

I placed a cute picnic basket filled with flowers (faux!!) on the pedestal outside my door.

Inside the house, I created a couple of vignettes.  My house is a Mediterranean, and I have quite a few wrought iron pieces throughout. These freestanding candleholders are among my favorites.  

Although my home is a Mediterranean, I am a romantic, so I also have incorporated French and English nuances into my décor.  To bring Spring in, I placed lovely Azaleas (store-bought) and English roses (from my garden) rather than candles into the candleholders. 

So pretty!  As you see in the pic above, I didn't have the heart to clip too many, as they are just beginning to most of the arrangement consists of the grocer's azaleas.

I placed one next to my mirror in the living area,

and the other by the front door in the foyer.

In the kitchen, a simple tuscan-esque birdhouse and a potted azalea. 

How do you decorate for the Spring/Summer season change?

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