Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Tulip Arrangement For Mom

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One of the most special days of the year for me is Mother's Day.  It's a time I can sit back and relax, do nothing if I so please....and to share a lovely day with my mom.  Today's post will feature how to make a lovely arrangement for mom without breaking the bank.  

When I think of this arrangement, I like to think of flowers representative of Spring; after all, Mother's Day occurs while it is still springtime. :)
I personally love the easy elegance of tulips for the Spring season. 

A quick browse online, and I found a few pretty arrangements I'd love for my mom. 

1800FLOWERS $64.99 plus shipping, tax, and handling

Teleflora's Deluxe tulips, $67.95 plus shipping, tax, and handling

The most inexpensive (comparable) arrangement I found was via FTD. $59.99 for 30 tulips, plus shipping, tax, and handling. 

Making your own arrangement is so simple!  I began my arrangement with two bunches of grocery-store tulips, which were $9.99 each.  Trim the flower stems in a diagonal manner. 


I placed the tulips a small milkglass urn, for which I paid $3.  I like the flowers to be about two inches above the container. 

You may even adorn your vase with a small bit of ribbon if you prefer. There's nothing quite like something you have hand-made as a gift!  It definitely lets the receiver know they are worth the time it took for you to make it.  Please stay tuned for tomorrow's post, which will be my Mother's Day Tablescape.  

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