Thursday, April 24, 2014

Set Your Table With Flair--An Elevated Mother's Day Brunch

Hello, friends!  Thank you for stopping by my blog!  Mother's Day is just around the corner in two and a half weeks, so today I thought I would set a table in honor of mom.  It is very atypical for us to dine at home on this very special day, but I am thinking it may be nice for a change....I hope this post serves as inspiration. 

I began with a linen-bare table. Right in the center, I stacked a few books.  First, our Western Garden book, because I inherited my green thumb and love of plants from my mom.

Next, I placed my Mom's Book, which includes stories I've read to my children.  

Finally, my Emily Post (updated by Peggy Post) Etiquette book, because my mother insisted on poise and good manners, and it is an attribute I attempt to instill in my children as well. 

Mother's Day for me is all about femininity, so, over my platform of books, I laid some fabric with a soft floral motif on it. 

On top of my fabric, I placed a pre-made arrangement of tulips. If you'd like to see the tutorial, visit it here in the archives. 

Pink chargers

were followed by simple white plates.

On each white plate, I set an antique doily. 

Closer view. Just love these!

On each doily, I placed a clear plate,

followed by crisp white napkins with scalloped detail held by rose napkin rings.  

Leaving the napkins wide allowed room for me to place a dainty teacup and saucer.


I placed another battenburg napkin at the outside rim of each plate, folded length-wise,

added a tea sachet and glass,

and to complete the setting, pink flatware. 

If you'd like to make these tea sachets, you may visit the tutorial on my other blog The Crafting Table here.

I entitled this post my "elevated" setting because the raised centerpiece elevates the overall table.  Here are a couple snaps of the setting before....I liked it, but it seemed to be missing something.  It is a much more streamlined look.  

Which do you prefer?  In the second setting, I also added extra napkins and the glasses.

From my collection:

Chargers, generic
Plain white plates, Ralph Lauren Club Collection
Pink Depression Glass Flutes, Arcoroc Fance
Clear plates, generic
All other items, including linen, are no-name brands.

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  1. Oh PP, I adore your little table setting. And I am off to check out those tea sachets right this minute. Are you sure we aren't sisters separated at birth ;-)

  2. the way you used that floral fabric as the color palette and it looks lovely as the base of the centerpiece. Score!

  3. I do like the pink floral pattern as the base of the centerpiece too. The pink chargers, the pink swirl glass, and the doily are perfect for a lovely Mothers Day table setting. Great job, love it!!

  4. A very pretty table in celebration of Mother's Day! I love the tulips and the battenburg lace especially. Your mother sounds like mine. It was all about the manners and poise when I was growing up too. Thanks for coming to tea and enjoy your day.


  5. Beautiful. I enjoyed watching you develop your plan!

  6. Thanks so much for joining us at the Cook it! Craft it! Share it! Link Party! Such a beautiful table setting, perfect for Mother's Day. Hope to see you tonight, 8:30 PM EST -Doree

  7. Love it all, but especially that pink flatware!!! Oh I must find some!!! Thank you for sharing this at the History & Home link party this week. Take care - Dawn @ We Call It

  8. Thank you, Dawn! The flatware was a find at a little vintage shop, glad you like the post! :)