Sunday, January 9, 2022

Going Against the Grain: Part 1: Girls' Bedroom Refresh

Hello, friends in the blogsphere and beyond!!  I hope you are having a wonderful new year thus far!

Do you like to follow design trends, or are you a person who prefers to march to their own beat and decorate as you please?  I definitely am the latter.  Not to say that I don't like updating my space, or that I don't admire spaces that are modern, but this gal loves things that are storied and more often than not something that is classic rather than something that is on-trend but also may fade quickly.  I still prefer books over reading from a tablet, or perusing a local antique for a collectible rather than looking at the trendiest catalogue.  

When I decorate my home, I try to keep a balance of combining things with history and modern elements so that my space is classic, but never dated.  

When my girls were younger, their room definitely reflected a fun and whimsical ideology!  Both of my girls adored pink and purple, and both took ballet lessons.  The room they shared:

Sugar, spice, and everything nice!  Soft muted purples, pinks, cool white, and a punch of black from the damask pattern I painted on one side of the room

contrasted and complimented the bolder damask and pop of bright pink on the other side.  What always gave me a giggle is how well each side of the room perfectly suited my daughters' devoloping personalities at the time, and it was not planned!

My eldest daughter was disciplined, quiet, studious;

and my youngest was exuberant, a spitfire, sharp as tacks with a clever sense of humor well beyond her years.

Now that both girls were a bit older, we decided we wanted to update the room and make it more a more soothing, relaxing space, and also make it more cohesive with the rest of out home's décor without losing personality.  

I also wanted the space to be classic: to endure for a few years at least, which would alleviate the task of having to change it too soon.

I do believe the impetus of changing the girls' room came when I was gobsmacked at finding this absolutely gorgeous armoire, a coordinating dressing table, queen size headboard, a very large bureau and a smaller dresser with side table and a dressing platform with mirror made by the Hoke Furniture Company all for less than $1000!!

I immediately fell in love with the ornate details.


The best part was that all the pieces were nearly perfect except for a minimal amount of flaws like the one here, which I felt wasn't noticible enough to pass the beauties up for!

Next, I chose a color palette more complimentary to our home.  I chose soft blues and greys.  I decided to paint an accent wall in a harlequin pattern to add back a bit of a whimsical aspect.

Painting a harlequin pattern I will tell you firsthand, took a lot of patience and work, but I absolutely loved how it turned out!  The best tutorial possible I found is featured on the Sherwin-Williams website.  It is very imformative and easy to follow.  There is even a video version of the step-by-step.  You can view it on the site's page by clicking here.

Next, I wanted to make bed crowns for each of my girls.  I had seen several pretty ones while perusing the internet, and they varied in price and quality.

This one from Restoration Harware called the Gilt Demilune is gorgeous, but very pricey at $419!  You can purchase it here.

I also liked this one from Touch of Class, the Natasha, $159.  You can view it here.  

There were some affordable options like this three piece set from Wards, sold here for $99,

and even a couple from Walmart's Octorose Collection, like this Tiara in Antique Gold, $159, sold here,

or the version in Cherry for $129, sold here.

In the end, I came upon these at the 99¢ Store just by happenstance as I was considering these options, and wondered if I could make them over.  I decided to give it a chance.

I began by giving them each a good coat of primer.

I then painted them in a color I thought would look appealing with the walls and bed.  I chose this antique blue furniture paint from Maison Blanche.

First coat.  You can still see a bit of the white primer peeking through.

Second coat.  Better, but not opaque enough.

The final coat before drying.  

Once dried, I used a simple glaze in dark bronze to bring out the ornate detail, carefully brushing the glaze over the piece and using a paper towel to take it back off here and there until I acheived the antique look I wanted.

Here it is on the wall.  Pas mal, no!?

On each girls' side of the room I added some coordinating art.  On this side, two vintage finds from a local antique along with two sweet ballerina prints,

and on this side, a wonderful giclée of beautiful horses that I found at Kirkland's.

I also changed out the bedding.  After looking around for some time, I settled on the Hathersage Collection from Ralph Lauren.  It had the perfect combination of soft grey-blue with warm chocolate, cream, and grey accents.  It was sophisticated without overt pretense or looking too grown-up or fussy, and I loved it!!

Here it is on the bed.  It brought out the warm tones in the armoire, while also complimenting the wall colors and sheer grey draperies. 

After some time, we also updated the girls' beds.  They had been sleeping on the sweet little Ikea cottage beds inherited from their brothers I had painted white long ago.  

We purchased two of these wonderful beds by from Pottery Barn's Emily & Meritt Collection.  I just loved, loved this bed when I saw it. 

Such beautiful detail!

I will admit that because we had moved the room around, the beds were a bit too large in scale so I added a box to each crown, painted it in a soft grey, 

and added a wooden initial for each girl.

Although the beds are a smidge too big, the girls both loved them so, so much as well, so I figured they could take them along as they moved into their own spaces, or that I could always use them in guest rooms later.

One day I may paint that beautiful Hoke Antique furniture to match the room more, here's the example I found via the internet:

I like the paint, although I'd likely go with a lighter blue.  However, right now, I don't have the heart, lol!  This whole set is listed for a whopping $5000 here on OfferUP!!  Those are the same pieces I have, so it is a true testament to the amazing deal I found!  

The Hoke Company only made a limited amount of these fine pieces per year, and they were made in the old way with no wood fillers, or veneers, other than the decorative finishes; unbelievable!!  I think it's why I don't want to paint over it, I would hate to harm its integrity.  What would you do??  

You can learn more about the history of this fine American Company here and on YouTube here:

Thank you for visiting and journeying through this transistion with me!  If you would like to share the tutorial for the 99¢ Store Crown, you may pin it here:

Until next we meet,


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Friday, January 7, 2022

Christmas at Greystone Manor

Hello, friends!  I hope this post finds you relaxing and enjoying the winter. 

A couple of years ago, my family and I went on a tour of the gorgeous Greystone Mansion in Los Angeles.  They host tours year-round, including tours at Christmastime during which the fabulous estate is decorated by local designers as well as their own.  Although Christmas is gone, if you love historic homes, you might enjoy this tour. 

The fabulous 18-acre estate took three years to complete, and cost over 3 million to build, which in 1927, was an astronomical cost!  You can learn about the estate on its page here.

We truly enjoyed meandering through the gardens and rooms of the vast property.  Here are some of the shots I took.  

The outdoor garden.

House façade.  Oh how I love the aged stone and French elements!

Main courtyard and fountain.


I love the stonework!

Beautiful patina.

Another courtyard.

Let's go inside.

Fabulous vaulted ceiling with ornate woodwork and a gorgeous chandy.

Love these beautiful windows and all the detail of the panelling.  This was a sun-drenched nook in one of the many bedrooms.  I do love winters in Southern California!

Casement windows!!

An antique fridge in what must have been the servant's kitchen or butler's pantry.

One of the tablescapes presented, with the designer herself also taking in its beauty.

Isn't this a gorgeous tree!!?  Proof positive that a tree can still be stunning yet simple.  A tree that pretty needs little to no emblishments; the tree shines in its own right.

To be honest, it was quite crowded, so it was difficult to snap many pictures that were unencumbered by crowds, and I would have loved to see more Christmas-themed rooms, because to be quite frank, they were pretty sparse.  Overall, I think I would definitely tour again. 

I hope you alll are enjoying the beginning of the new year!

Until next we meet!


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Saturday, December 25, 2021

Christmas Blessings and a Quick Home Tour

Good Christmas evening!!  How did everyone enjoy the day's festivities?  We had family over and a traditional yet simple ham dinner.  No muss, no fuss.  The day is finally winding down and I wanted to take the time to say to everyone from my family to yours, I hope you have the happiest of holidays and a very Merry Christmas.  In this post, I also wanted to give a peek of the décor in the house.  This year, we kept things very traditional and throughout the house, there is a ton of blackwatch tartan, which is one of my favorites!  For me, there is nothing more beautiful than tartan at Christmastime.  I just adore, adore, adore it.

The garage is adorned with a giant wreath, and simple gold bells.

The front doors also are decorated with very large wreaths and gold bells, but on these I included Edinburgh tartan ribbon, which sort of sets the stage for the theme inside.  Won't you come in?

When you first walk into the foyer, to your direct right, you will see the wall-mounted Mediterranean-style fireplace, dressed up with a festive garland.

Directly below the fireplace, my high-back bench is situated, and I have changed out some of the throw pillows to reflect the theme this year.

I have kept the navy pillows, and have slipcovered the lighter blues in hunter green.  I have also added two color-coordinating pillows that are reversible for a bit of fun.

Another look.  I just love, love these colors together!

As you walk further into the house, to the left in my comfy chair, I’ve set some more corresponding pillows, and a wonderful woolen throw, also in blackwatch tartan.

The center table in the house has my same white roses, but I have added sprigs of pine and other conifer-looking floral stems.  I also placed a garland around the base of the planter (vase).

I love how romantic this looks with the lights dimmed.

For this year's Christmas tree, I opted to go with an all-white tree.  Bulbs of differing sizes were placed on the tree in colors of navy, hunter green, and gold.

The colors of the bulbs perfectly compliment the ribbon in navy, green, and blackwatch tartan as it cascades down the tree.

I also added sparkly white flowers.

The topper is a very large bow made of sheer gold, navy blue, hunter green, and tartan ribbons, overlapped.

As you walk further into the house, you will come upon a small table to your left.  On this table, a mini tree decorated in the same colors sits.

For the topper, I used gold bells and a blackwatch tartan bow.

The floral arrangement at the base of the mini tree has also been aranged with sprigs of pine and with pinecones and color-coordinated bulbs to make a cohesive statement.

Further on into the living room, at the top of one of my cabinets, I set a vignette by using a pine swag and adding coordinating bulbs of blue, gold, and green.  I also added a few wintery sprays here and there.

On top of one of my china cabinets, a simple ornamented garland decorates my blue and white pretties.

Across from there, in the main seating area, I've added color-coordinating throw pillows and again added pine sprigs and ornaments to the floral arrangements that situate themselves near my creature comforts (ahem, my too-numerous design books).

Another arrangement.

At the tête-à-tête area where we lounge, read, or play one-on-one games, I have switched out the light blue sheer drapes and replaced them with sheer hunter green.  

I also placed matching throw pillows and another mini tree.

The topper.

Next to that area, I've added some wintery sprigs on top of the cabinet.  Such a no-brainer way to make it look more Christmas-y!!

Another arrangement peeking into the dining area.

The china cabinet in the dining area has also been adorned with a simple garland and coordinating ornaments.

The other cabinet in the dining area has a vignette that coordinates with the one set in the living area.

Girls' bedroom:

This is pretty straightforward.   We set up a small tree in coordinating colors right in front of the antique armoire.

The topper is a simple bow in Edinburgh Blackwatch.

Both beds have been outfitted with a cozy tartan throw on top of the white comforters,

along with pillows sheathed in hunter green and matching throw pillows. 

Master bedroom.

In the master, I added a simple garland atop the headboard.

I added some coordinating throw pillows, 

some handmade curtains in a matching pattern,

and on the bed, I've added a scarf (shhh, don't tell) of blackwatch on top of the throw that is always there.

I kept the tree simple in coordinating colors,

with sheer silver ribbon instead of gold, overlapped with tartan.

The fireplace has sweet tartan stockings hung,

and a lighted garland.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!!!


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