Friday, November 7, 2014

A Simple Fall-Infused Entry

Hello, Friends!  How is your Fall so far?  I hope well.  

Every year as we inch closer to Thanksgiving (likely a favorite holiday, second only to Christmas), I begin vigorously preparing for visiting guests.  I usually start the whole exhausting process about two weeks beforehand.  Call me daffy, but I actually really enjoy having everyone gather at my house for the festivities.  It is stressful, but so worth it!!  We have so much fun!  Sharing food, laughter, thankfulness, reverence, and of course, ending the night with lots and lots of karaoke as a family is pretty much the norm every holiday.   What are your traditions during the holidays?

In honor of the forthcoming holiday, today's post will feature how to create simple welcoming porch décor fit for Thanksgiving. I do hope you enjoy the post!  

I love to have my home look as best as possible when guests visit; this is especially true for the holidays, so I add fresh mulch if the old is faded.  This is part of my 'wintering' the garden which I spoke of earlier this week. 

I began with my little rustic cart.  I usually place this little fellow in the planter, but because I am incorporating fresh fruit along with both fresh and faux flowers, I feel this location will better protect the arrangement from the sun (we are still in the upper eighties and low nineties here in CA, yikes!!).  We don't typically use the left side of my double doors, unless furniture or a Christmas tree is coming inside, and it remains locked most of the time, so I thought it looked like a good spot.  

Inside the cart, I created two platforms by using floral decorating foam and an old pot placed upside down.

I just love these cuties in their adorable bushel baskets!!

The larger plant went onto the floral foam in the upper right-hand corner, and the smaller went into the lower right.

I picked up a few various cucurbita (latin for gourds),

one being fairly larger than the others, which I set on the upside-down pot.

Behind the larger pumpkin, I stacked a few smaller ones to create a platform, and lastly, for a bit of contrasting color, a dark green squash.

A couple of faux Fall foliage sprays

were placed inside,

followed by some darker ones, also faux.  

Shown here....adding a bit of drama.

The leftover pumpkins were set in a small stack at the foot of the cart.

Lastly, I added a festive bow.  I threaded wired burlap ribbon,

along with a rusty red grosgrain through the front of the cart, and tied it. 

All set for entertaining this Thanksgiving!!  So easy!  If only the clean-up after the meal were this simple!!!!  :))

A few more shots.....


And a few with soft light (pretend fog?)....Well, I can pretend we have real Fall weather until it actually arrives!!  :)

Where to buy:

Cart, local florist 
Faux sprays 50% off at Big Lots
All gourds, darker faux flowers, and real flowers, local grocer
Burlap ribbon, Wal-mart
Rust-red ribbon, The Dollar Tree

Have a beautiful weekend!! 

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  1. Perfect fall greeting for your front door. Enjoy this beautiful weather.

  2. What a welcoming arrangement. Your guest are going to love it. I start planning a month before so Christmas decorating is already something that I am working on. I love to have family and friends stay during the holidays too. It just makes my home feel alive and happy.

    Wishing you a happy autumn.


    1. You are ahead of the game, for certain! I have my color scheme in mind and so forth, but with all my munchkins, I usually am always starting right around two weeks before! Thank you do much for your visit, I hope you'll share pics..... :)

  3. A nice Fall decoration :-)
    Frost, snow and rain makes it a bit difficult to decorate outside just now. I have to figure out something that resist frost...

    1. Thank you, Villrose! I will appreciate our weather a little longer. :)

  4. Very, very, pretty! I love your rustic stick cart! I've had my eye out for something similar for a long time. It looks so pretty decorated with the mums and pumpkin. I'm glad to see Autumn and Thanksgiving decorations as I dislike that many skip over this holiday and move right into Christmas. I like one holiday at a time ;)

    1. I agree, Pat! I love each holiday and season, so I try to savor them. Thank you for popping by!

  5. Absolutely beautiful! I love how you showed the step-by-step. I find it very helpful when trying to recreate it! :)

  6. Precious! Great job...thanks for sharing with the Thursday Blog hop!