Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Preparing A Wood Door For Cooler Weather

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As cooler temperatures arrive, I try (try being the operative word, ha!) to perform tasks specific to the season.  This includes what I like to call 'winter cleaning.'  Winter cleaning means downsizing by getting rid of things we don't need ( or donating to them charity), wintering the garden, and other (sometimes mundane) tasks.

I usually treat my front door with orange oil to keep up its sheen and health...however, we've lived here a few years now, and the door is definitely beginning to show its age!!  I decided I should give her a quick spruce up just in time for the holidays. 

I used Cabot Premium Wood Finish I picked up from the local Lowe's.  The color is called Aged Leather.  What I adore about it is that it includes a sealer, which made the task soooo simple.

After freeing the door of any debris, and a super-quick hand sanding, I simply painted a coat of stain using a light stroke.

Here is a peek of one side which is almost complete and the side which is untreated.  Quite a difference, no?

Here is the final result.  It reminds me of why I fell in love with this door in the first place!!  The stain I chose also had a satin finish, so there is a slight sheen, which I adore.  This also reminds me of how the door looks right after I treat it with orange oil.   This stain is indicated for typical use indoors and on bare wood, and not over lacquer or shellac.  I am not sure what kind of finish was on the door before, so we will see how well this holds up....fingers are crossed!  If there are adverse effects, I will let you know.... please stay tuned!

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