Friday, March 6, 2015

Simple Ways to Display and Enjoy Spring Flowers

Hello, friends, and welcome to my blog!  Has Spring "sprung" where you are, or are you still inundated with snow and stormy weather?  The weather in California has been very typical in that it is very atypical.  We will have rain for a week, two days of glorious sun (temperatures in the eighties), then right back again, or the same pattern vise-versa.

When we were younger and purchased our first home, I went about planting white calla lilies right away because they are my favorite flowers.  Unfortunately, the guys who were maintaining the garden I have to assume didn't recognize the leaves as flowers (although I don't know how to this day), and in one afternoon, removed all of them along with the weeds.  Aaargh.  

As our family began to grow we said adieu, and the house became a rental property we eventually sold, but I still missed those flowers, or at least the idea of them.  Again, I decided to plant callas at the second house, but just like my beautiful state, some years I have flowers, and some years, nothing.  I've put to rest the notion that I will have gorgeous fresh-cut lilies year-round (only time will tell, but as Veruca Salt so petulantly [in this regard, perfectly] put it, I want it nooooowwww).  Here are a couple of snaps of a lonesome lily I noticed yesterday.  She's the only one I see this year thus far, but she is a beauty.

Unless you're blessed with a green thumb (oh, how I wish I'd inherited that from my mom....clearly not, lol), or perfect weather for cultivating a huge, lush garden, you may have to buy grocery flowers, which I do sometimes in addition to faux.  In today's post, I will share a few ideas for displaying Spring flowers from your local grocer.  I hope you enjoy the post!

The No-brainer

I'm sure most will agree, displaying flowers in a clear vase looks wonderful.  If the stems are trimmed and the water is changed regularly, it is a lovely sight to appreciate all of that beauty through the glass.  It also makes for a simple and wonderful centerpiece on a table.  There's nothing like a fresh bouquet full of vibrant and colorful blooms to bring Spring into your home!

If you're an überbusy person like I am, keeping abreast of that task can be challenging, and you can end up with a murky, mucky mess.  Here are some other ideas you may enjoy.

A Simple Vignette

This simple spring vignette is set on my antique tea cart.

 A rustic little bucket filled with bright flowers

plays sweetly with pretty plates

and a friendly tea kettle set on a wrought iron trivet.

I love how the flowers pull out the colors in the kettle!

A Whimsical Centerpiece 

Other than Christmas, I can't think of a more whimsical time of year.  To make a centerpiece indicative of this fun time of year, I used one of my favorite rattan handbags.  If you choose to do this, make sure you line the bag with plastic before placing the flowers inside.

A large rattan handbag is fun,

they remind me a bit of baskets in front of those charming old bicycles,

so this centerpiece would work well in the summertime as well.

It's different than the traditional baskets you normally see this time of year, but isn't that cheerful?  Perfect for tea or brunch.

If you are entertaining outdoors, the same vignette works well surrounded by nature's beauty.

 Here, I've set the same centerpiece on my rustic outdoor table at dusk.

 Notice the mood change?

Calm and soothing.....

great for a warm Spring evening; a moment to sit and listen to the rustle of trees, smell the scents on the breeze,

as the world winds down.

You could even roll out your tea tray and do the same!

From my collection:

Tea kettle, Mackenzie-Childs Flower Market, Horchow/Neiman Marcus
Plates, thrifted
Rustic bucket, Tai Pan Trading
Wrought Iron trivet, antique
Tea cart, antique
Gold flatware, Wallace Silversmiths Grand Duchess, Horchow/Neiman Marcus
Rattan Handbag, Michael Kors

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  1. Beautiful spring vignette, wow! What don't I love here, specially the flower basket, the Green dishes and that adorable floral screams S-P-R-I-N-G !
    Thanks for coming over, darling.

  2. Beautiful Cala lilies. and I love your colorful tea pot and platters :)

  3. Your vignette is gorgeous and the arrangement in the handbag is a very lovely presentation!

  4. I LOVE the flowers in the purse! So fun! Adorable tea pot and gorgeous plates~

  5. The flowers on your tea cart compliment the colorful teapot so perfectly! Everything is so bright and pretty--a wonderful winter "pick me up"!

  6. You created quite an appealing display with flowers in a purse and the colourful tea kettle. We often forget to use our imagination for flower receptacles as all it takes is a waterproof container inside something else.
    Happy tea day!

    1. Very true! Thank you for visiting, Judith.....Happy Tea Day!

  7. Okay now I know it. I HAVE to get a tea tray - I love them and it looks great in its picture up there. Alpha Hubby has a green thumb. Our first few years of marriage, he planted me a flower garden in half of our veggie garden just because he knew I'd always wanted one. It was amazing. I miss it (we moved). We have rocks here for dirt (sigh) - I don't have a green thumb but I do have a debit card and can buy grocery store flowers - and do! Great post.

    1. Lol! We have lots of rock here too, it is so frustrating.....and the "dirt" consists of mostly clay. Ick. Thank you for stopping by!

  8. Love, love, love the gorgeous tea kettle with the colourful flowers and crystal knob!

  9. Your tea kettle is adorable with the little bit of bling on top, love it! Your arrangement of posies inside the purse makes a lovely vignette. Thanks for sharing with us at Tea Time and joining me for tea.


    1. Thank you for having me! :)
      Enjoy the rest of your week!

  10. tea kettle and the basket are just lovely the table is so beautiful thanks for sharing visitng from thursday favorite things have a great day

  11. Awh, that little kettle is just gorgeous, so lovely with the fresh flowers too.

  12. Everything looks so pretty, I love all the bright colors perfect for spring!!
    Thank you for dropping by to share your ideas and inspiration on the #OMHGFF this week!

    Hope you will have a beautiful weekend!