Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Update Your Outdoor Furniture 1-2-3

Hello, friends!  Thank you so much for popping in today!  When the weather finally permits and it becomes lovely outside, part of Spring cleaning for me means updating the outside of the house.  Today, I am sharing a super quick and easy idea for updating your outdoor furniture.  I hope you enjoy the post!

I have had my outdoor furniture from Target for some time now.  Over time, of course wear and tear has set in.  Tarnish, water marks, et cetera aren't too aesthetically appealing.  Also, I've grown tired of the black....we used it initially on a deck that was white in color at our other house.  Now that we don't have that, and because my sun deck at this house is dark in color, it looks washed out.  I figured changing the furniture to a bright white looks much better against the deck, and also in the yard.  White is also such a cheerful color in the springtime, it looks so much fresher!  Here is my process.  

Before:  A bit drab, would you agree?

1)  First, I used a power-wash attachment on my hose to vigorously spray the furniture, removing all debris or little buggers (spiders and webs......eek).  Scrub with a scouring pad any stubborn areas if necessary.  Allow to dry completely.

2)  To protect my grass, I laid down a large heavy-duty tarp.

The chairs are made of metal, to sand them, I would have to use an industrial-strength sanding pad for metal attached to a drill and I didn't have that handy.  To alleviate that problem, I used a spray paint with primer.  This particular paint by Rustoleum is good on practically any surface!

3)  In an even motion, I sprayed left to right, right to left, covering the furniture completely.  I allowed for dry time, at least a half hour in the hot California sun, before flipping and repeating the process.  In less than two hours, here is the result.  Doesn't that look much more cheerful?  The white really pops against the green grass and my grape vines!

No matter if your furniture is metal like mine, wicker, or even plastic, you can use the same steps!  Super simple and easy!!  Here's a shot of the updated furniture on the deck.  It certainly doesn't look washed out anymore!  Nice and fresh, so perfect for Spring!

I hope you are enjoying your Spring!!  

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  1. Very nice job of bringing your patio furniture back to life. The white paint does look so much better.... Candy

    1. Thank you, Candy! The chairs are comfy, and still in great shape....just needed a spruce-up.