Sunday, August 27, 2017

A Farewell to Summer

The punishing heat of Summer's days are soon at an end.
Another year begins; to school, the children I will send.

God changes the trees, the weather, and all of the land.
No more swimming, surfing, or running along hot sand.

Glorious Fall arrives, over Summer ne'er shall I weep.
In my heart, its memories shall I cherish and keep.

It's almost Fall, Y'all!

-Until next time

Clumsy attempt at poetry, yours truly
Flowers, local grocer, not bad!
Little bucket, bought plain from Tai Pan Trading.  French detail and lettering was added by yours truly.  You may view the tutorial of how to add lettering to a galvanized bucket in the archives here.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your how to stencil. I must try it.

  2. What a lovely way to welcome fall! I am not quite ready for summer to end, probably because winter is so long and hard around here. However, the colors are tempting, aren't they?

    1. There is nothing quite like the beautiful palette of autumn, I agree! Thank you for visiting, Kim!

  3. I'm still holding on to the last vestiges of summer, but I'm looking forward to all the yummy fall flavors.

    1. Yes, Sandra! The other day, they were already baking pumpkin pies at my local grocery. I love that smell!! Thank you for popping in, and I will be looking out for your recipes this fall!

  4. Beautiful pictures and a beautiful Flowers. Happy week. Regards.

  5. When you put it like this I already miss summer before it is really over :-)

    1. Me too, sweet Amalia...but I do adore the cooler seasons as well!