Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Festive Halloween Tree

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Over the years, my hubby and I sometimes didn't know whether to buy natural or to use our fake tree for the holidays.  Years prior to writing this post, we decided natural is the way to go, so we donated our faux tree.  Booo-Hooo. 

When most folks think of decorating a tree, they most likely think immediately of a Christmas tree.  However, I thought, how fun would it be to have a Halloween tree?  This tutorial is a wonderful way to use that old fake tree you no longer want....so don't toss it out just yet!

You will need:

A fake Christmas tree new or old (Mine was $18 at Hobby Lobby) Waaaaaah  :0)

Black Spray Paint, preferably one with paint + primer. I used this Rustoleum.

Orange or purple miniature lights ($2.75 at Big Lots)
Ornaments with a Halloween theme
Orange Ribbon

First, unfold all the pine branches of your tree.  If your tree is dusty, you may want to wash it and let it dry completely before beginning.

Spray paint your tree.  I did a quick coat, allowed dry time, and did another to ensure even and complete coverage.  Allow tree to dry completely.  I let mine sit overnight.

The painting is complete.  Time to decorate!! 

I decided to stay with the traditional Halloween colors of black and orange.  I decorated the tree with the lights and my DIY ornaments.  To see how to create these ornaments, you may visit the post on my blog The Crafting Table by clicking here.

Finally, I adorned the tree with a ribbon-star topper.  I made the ribbon-star by folding the ribbon inward until it resembled a star (or something like that, haha), then I used another strip of ribbon to attach it to the tree.

Including the ornaments, lights, paint, and cost of the tree, this project cost less than $40 to complete.

If you want to showcase the orange and black of the tree, you may also opt not to light the tree, shown here. 

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