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My First Ever Halloween Tour!! Halloween 2020


Hello, all!  I hope this post finds everyone in good health and safe!  

A couple of weeks ago, as I began taking photos for my upcoming Halloween post, something strange happened.  The shutter (not sure if this is the problem) of my camera stopped working on all of my lenses.  Horrible!!  The camera focuses and makes the sound as though it is about to shoot, but then, nothing happens.  I have had my Nikon a good ten years almost now; perhaps it's finally time for an upgrade, sighs.  

I don't know why, but recording on the camera seems to work.  That is why I am assuming something must be amiss with the shutter mechanism of the camera.  

Please forgive the grainy pictures I was able to capture with my Ipad, which is old as well...I do LOVE all things antique, but perhaps I've taken my love of antiquity too far, lol.  I hope you will, however, enjoy the virtual tour of my Halloween décor at the end of this post, as the video does it much better justice than my older-version Ipad.  

Ahhhh, Halloween.  That whimsical time of year I adore almost as much as Christmas.  Maybe it's reflecting upon the memories of youth.  I love it!!  I also am a self-proclaimed Halloween and horror film enthusiast, so most of the time, you will not find kitschy-cute Halloween here.  I adore the macabre aspect of the season (added bonus:  I allow myself to be a tiny bit lax on the housekeeping this time of the year only; the leaves pile up a small bit, dust settles on the furniture adding a bit of spooky!  

Here is a peak at the rooms and vignettes I have set up around the house.  Again, I would love for you to also take a look at the video I've included.  As I mentioned, it is a SCARY  tour, so if that is not your forte, you may not enjoy it.  I've also filmed it in a very Blair-Witch-esque way, so if you get motion sickness, you are hereby warned (translation: I'm not that great taking videos with the camera yet.  Cackles wickedly).

So!  Let's get to the tour!!

Front doors:

I always try to decorate my home for the holidays beginning with the front doors.  Here is a look at the wreaths I made for this year.



If you would like to see the tutorial of how I created these wreaths, you may visit the post on my blog The Crafting Table here.

Here is a shot of the matching garland. 


It is also handmade.  You may see how I put it together on this post from my blog The Crafting Table.

Flowers, flowers, flowers.

The easiest way for me to add an element of festive charm is to just add additional flowers to my existing arrangements to coordinate with whichever season it is.

Here is a shot of the arrangement in my foyer:

The globe I've placed in the center of the arrangement throws Tim Burton-inspired lighted figures that dance merrily once you turn the lights out.


I also added some spooky branch foliage to the wall mounted fireplace in the foyer.  Here is a closeup.

An arrangement on the antique table leading into the living area:

Dining room arrangement:

A couple of closeups:

Living room flowers in my antique Reed & Barton punch bowl.  I love this bowl to pieces!!  It is so versatile!! You can read all about my receiving and lovingly caring for this bowl in the archives here.


I try to have all the arrangements coordinate with each other.  Also in the foyer, I have adorned my bench with cute throw pillows:

and a haunted gentleman plays on.  

The art painting situated where music books normally sit is noise and motion activated, and plays Chopin's Marche Funebre added with flashing lights and wicked laughter.

On one side of the piano next to one of the lighted lanterns sits an automated motion-activated violin that plays Saint-Saens' Danse Macabre.


Also in the entryway, a mirror is decorated with a hairy friend (or FIEND),

and the chair

offers the weary a spot to sit and enjoy some haunted tele.  This television is motion and noise-activated, features ghoulish growls as it flashes and jumps about while the zombie inside demands to be set free.  You can see this in the video.

As you head towards the living room, you will see my Halloween tree.  It is adorned with spiders, black ornaments, skully floral stems, ribbon, and remote-controlled lanterns.


The lanterns have the option of a multi-color constantly changing setting, or you may choose a specific color.  A look at the tree lit up:

Here is a closeup of the tree topper:

The tree is a nine foot Christmas tree I purchased for not a lot, and I simply spray painted it black.  A tree this scale and size (back when I purchased it) would have cost over $500 or more.  I think I paid around $145-$150, and that includes the paint!  I think Halloween trees have become much more popular nowadays, and you likely can find a nine foot black tree for around $250-$300.  I still made out like a bandit, lol.

On to the kitchen:

Bat chair covers over the barstools:

A centerpiece of creepy trees runs down the middle of the kitchen island in my very, very old dough trough:

On one side of the island, a menu promising disgusting delicacies

joins a birdcage full of cups and such ready for them or for a magnificently miserable mourning tea.

On the other side of the island along with poison bottles and creepy art is a witches’ recipe book.

It’s also automated; it opens via a sound and motion sensor, and a witchy voice reads from the book.  So fun!!

The painted art is also motion and noise animated, and flashes lights along with spooky laughter.


The pantry is guarded by this scary creature warning little ones not to come too near.  It is also motion-activated.

I've set up some very cool spooky vignettes in the other areas of the house:

In the hall, I've set up a pseudo-office full of haunted fun.  There's nothing spookier than antique books, candles, and a typewriter that is motion and sound activated that types on its own!!

The door leading to the laundry area pays homage to one of my favorite Halloween tunes, Every Day Is Halloween by the band Ministry.  I also love that this banner features characters from Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas.  If you've been here before, you know that I am a huge fan of Burton's works!!  

In the laundry, Mr. Bones looks (or hangs) on.  Hello, there!

A fun skull taunts at the back door.

The back yard:

A simple setting in the back yard features floral arrangement in a dark enamelware pitcher,

black and rose infused glass pumpkins, 

a pretty cake plate of black and blooming roses,

and an antique cup perfect for a wicked witch's brew.

Enamelware pitcher, Mackenzie-Childs Flower Market Collection from Horchow/Neiman Marcus.
Glass pumpkins, Marshall's.
Cake plate, Grace's Teaware,  HomeGoods.
Teacup and saucer, Royal Albert Masquerade Collection, antique.

Remote-controlled candles in the chandelier and more candles in the fireplace all add to the ambiance of a spooktacular night!

All automated artwork, skull stems on the tree, ribbon on the tree, spiders and black floral stems, throw pillows, spooky trees in the kitchen, and piano lanterns came from The 99 Cent Store.  

The haunted tele is from Target.  The witch's spellbook and automated typewriter are from Grandin Road.  The animated violin came from Big Lots, as well as the path lights leading to the house (featured in the video).

The jumping spider at the front door (featured in the video) and dragon door knocker on the pantry both came from Spirit Halloween.

Remote-controlled lanterns on the tree, a lucky find at Savers a while back.

You may view take the video tour here:

I hope you have enjoyed a look at my 2020 Halloween decorations.  Have a Happy, safe, and FUN Halloween!!  Until next we meet,


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