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Set Your Table With Flair--A Shockingly Manic Panic Halloween

Welcome, spooks and specters!!  Thank you for visiting my blog!  Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, bar none, right behind Christmas!  I absolutely love it!

If you have been here before, you are aware that I am a Music Manic Fanatic.  I also am a firm believer that music unites and brings people together.  I have always been a person who appreciates people of all different kinds and from all walks of life with music being a strong contributing factor of how I connect with those people.  Whether or not if it was discussing composers with band friends, or dancing the night away to Cumbia, Rock en Espanol, Reggae-Ton, or even BANDA! in my twenties with gal-pals, or taking in a show of a local rock, punk, or ska band, I have always enjoyed it! This was especially true in my youth; I was much less serious and much more carefree.  I was heavy into the music scene, and I especially loved (and still love) alternative rock. 

When I was younger, being an alt-rock goddess meant sometimes you might dye your hair different colors if you wanted to make a bold statement.  One color I had always admired then but never had the guts to try was Manic Panic's Shocking Blue.  If you are a rocker or even a savvy stylist, you know that Manic Panic is the authority on awesomely alternative hair color. 

Here is a peek.  Sooo gorgeous!!!  This one is a classic.  You can order it via their site here.

I only went as far as a purpley-burgundy, because I was a little too chicken quite frankly to push the limit (and test my mother's patience) more than I already had, lol. So glad I've outgrown those days...but I've never outgrown the whimsical idealism of youth, especially during the holidays.

My favorite type of Halloween décor usually includes some sort of gothic or Victorian element, and when I was perusing the internet, I came across this fabulous damask fabric.   Isn't it beautiful!!?  It's also quite close to Manic Panic's Shocking Blue.  This wonderful damask fabric has now become the perfect topper for a gothy-themed tablescape!

For this year's Halloween, I thought it might be fun to pay homage to this amazing color.  Blue has always been my favorite color, so why not a blue Halloween!!?  I hope you enjoy the post!

I placed these midnight blue chargers to begin the plate stack.

The chargers were followed by these fantastic melamine (shhhh, don't tell) plates.

Super cool!


Large smoky goblets, blue flutes, and skully mugs were added for spooky spirits,

and to complete the setting, black napkins held with sparkly skulls and silver flatware.

If you would like to view the tutorial to make these sparkly skully napkin rings, you may visit the post on my blog The Crafting Table here (this photo was snapped with my IPad, and doesn't showcase the true color of the topper or napkin rings, however, it does show the detail of the sparkly skulls).

A more accurate depiction of the color:

To add dimension and a bit of victorian elegance, black candelabras outfitted with elegant blue tapers were placed at either side of the table.

Aren't these gothy-good!!?

I also added silver candlesticks with black tapers at either side of the table setting.

For a spooky-inspired siorée, you can never have enough candlelit romance!!  A centerpiece made of more candles, a silver dish, and an abundance of black and blue prettiness brings all the elements of the setting together and completes the tablescape.


Completed Tablescape.

Tablescape details.

Place setting.

This setting works just as well in the outdoors, and here are a few examples:

For a little more spooky charm, I added these standing wrought iron elements to either side of the table, also outfitted with flowers and candles.

What a SHOCKING scene!

I used this fabulous batty stand to set my delicious cauldron cakes upon:

Love it!!

If you would like to view the recipe for my Bubbling Brew Cauldron Cakes, you may do so on my blog Parsimonious Pabulum here.  These are such a fun baking activity for kiddos, my girls loved making them!

No Halloween party would be complete without spooky sips shared between friends.  My Manic Panic Shocking Blue Toxic Punch is a great beverage to serve this Halloween, and is also kiddo-friendly!


If you would like to view that recipe, it is on Parsimonious Pabulum here.

You can view my tablescape with all of these elements added alongside the wonderful music of Bach on my Instagram feed here:

I feel that Toccata and Fugue in D Minor sets just the right atmosphere for Halloween!  It's a classic.  If you are looking for music inspiration, have no fear.  I have comprised a list of fabulously frightful favorites of mine for this Halloween, and you can pin it if you like as well!  This is a completely comprehensive list with a little bit for everyone!!  I hope you enjoy it!  If the font is too difficult to read, simply click the photo on your mobile device and it will open an enlarged version of the list!


I hope you are cozy, warm, and due to the events everywhere across the United States and its territories, SAFE wherever you are.  Remember, enjoy the playfulness of Halloween, and never be afraid to let your frightfully fabulous freak flag fly!!

Until next we meet--

From my collection:
Blue chargers, generic, CV Linens
Skull "Dead Earth" melamine plates, custom made for Zazzle by Spooky Things
Black candelabras, found on Amazon
Silver dish used in centerpiece, Wallace Silversmiths Baroque Collection, Local Antique
Silver flatware, Wallace Silversmiths Antique Baroque Collection, Horchow/Neiman Marcus
Smoky crystal goblets, Shannon Crystal Collection by Godinger
Black Skull mugs, Williams-Sonoma
Cobalt blue flutes, generic
Batty Cake Stand, HomeGoods
Black napkins, generic, HomeGoods
Wrought iron outdoor candelabras, Ross Stores
Blue floral, all, Walmart
All candles with the exception of the black tapers were ordered from Amazon.  The black tapers are from Hobby Lobby.

Please feel free to join me and other FABULOUS bloggers as we Happily Halloween HOP along with Amber from Follow the Yellow Brick Home !  Such a fun party full of fantastic Halloween inspiration, and I hope you'll join us!

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