Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Fabulously Simple Spring Door

Hello, friends!  I hope the weather is finally coming around in your neck of the woods!  In honor of the first day of Spring which will be here shortly, I wanted to share a very quick post of how to brighten up your door and welcome Spring.  The plus:  It's very inexpensive as well!

You will need:

A rustic wreath
A small watering can
Small, delicate blooms such as baby's breath

This is truly very easy!  Simply tie the handle of your watering can to your wreath by threading the ribbon through the branches.

With another piece of ribbon, mount the wreath on the door, tying it on the top of your wreath. 

Once hung, carefully wedge the sprout of your can behind a few of the gnarled branches so that it is held in place.  Fill the can with blooms.  My flowers have again decided to go back to sleep, so here, I have used faux....which causes a tiny bit more cost. There we have it!

Here are a couple of closeups. 

Where to buy:

Rustic wreaths, I found at my local thrift for $6 each, Michael's crafts has comparable for about the same.  
Small watering cans, $3 each at Target
Small blooms and ribbon, The Dollar Tree

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  1. I'm crazy for sprinkler cans, so you got my attention right away.

    1. Me too, especially for Spring! These were so inexpensive, I couldn't resist. :))
      Thanks for your visit!