Friday, March 28, 2014

Set Your Table With Flair--A Feast with Feathered Friends

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Man has always been enamored with the fancy of flight. There is nothing so freeing as flight.  As far back as and even before the sketches of Da Vinci's flying machine, men have fantasized about being unfettered from the confines of life and taking flight.  We have all heard of the age-old adage "free as a bird." To pay homage to our fine feathered friends, this post will reflect a setting strictly for the birds.  

I began with a doily placed in the center of the table.

I love these little wreaths!  In this setting, these wreaths double as nests.  

The first wreath went right in the center on the doily, 

and on top, I placed my mini teapot.  Love this little pot and the pretty floral detail!

Next, came the placemats with pretty little birdies. 


Earlier in the day, the weather was nice, so I actually was able to get out into the garden and clip a few assorted blooms before it became overcast.....

which I arranged onto a small block of floral arranging foam, 

and placed the arrangement right inside the teapot. 

I wanted this to be a dainty setting, so I placed cream saucers rather than standard plates,

followed by the wreaths acting as nests on each,

and in each "nest," I placed one of these adorable bird coasters. In this setting, they act as saucers.

 I love these little coasters........

The Baltimore Oriole

Blue Grosbeak

Eastern Bluebird

and Yellow-headed Blackbird.

Next, I set one of these tiny butter dishes at each setting. 

Shown here.

A small gold goblet to bring out the gold elements in the teapot and each of the china pieces.....

followed by a slender flute and a feathered friend at each setting, and my table is complete!

A couple closeups of the setting:

From my collection:

Cream saucers, Ralph Lauren Whipstich Collection
Teapot, Windsor England
Bird coasters, Bareuther Waldsassen
Butter dishes, Princess House Hammersley Spode Collection
Flutes, generic
Goblets, Spanish...antique
Placemats, Target
Wreaths, from my local thrift
Birds, The Dollar Tree

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  1. I'm visiting from Dawn's party, Lovely tablescape. I love the bird placemats and the small wreaths to act as birds nests on the cream saucers. The bird coasters and the birds on the table are so pretty. I love them!

    I happened to come across a parakeet figurine at the thrift store last week, I bought it because it reminded me of my dad and his love of parakeets. He would name every one of them Nipper-Ann. From the moment he walked in the door after work until dinner was ready Daddy would let Nipper-Ann sit on his finger and talk to her as if she were one of the kids. Somehow I am going to try and work my Nipper-Ann look-a-like figurine into a tablescape.

    I signed up as a follower. Nice to meet you!

    Love the flowers from the yard too!

    1. That is such a sweet story about your father. I think the collector in each person develops because of our love of sentiment. Thank you for sharing...nice to meet you! ❤

  2. I like how you designed your lovely tablescape. Great idea using the pretty bird coasters as saucers, they're beautiful and I adore those pretty little butter dishes too. Thanks also for stopping by my blog and leaving your sweet comment.

  3. What a pretty table you've set again! I love those little bird plates, and you had such a clever idea to put them on the wreaths so it looks like nests. Thank you for sharing this at my History & Home link party - Dawn @ We Call It

    1. Thank you so much Dawn.... You also had some fabulous features there as well!

  4. Love how you showed the creation of your tablescape! Your bird coasters are wonderful for your bird theme. The pretty place mats add a great touch to the challenge. Hope your week is special!


  5. Thanks for the step by step...very nicely set table!

    1. Thank you! I LOVE plates, so I like to show the detail as I create my tablescapes.

  6. Love your table and the use of the wreaths. Very sweet teapot centerpiece. Visiting from Let's Dish.

    1. Thank you so much, Pam! They were from Christmastime, but I love finding new uses for things!! ❤❤

  7. What a cute start to the table with the teapot for the flowers. The placemats with the birds look great and those are some wonderful dishes with the birds on them. All your details look cute- great job!

    1. Thank you, Liz! Those birdie plates were quite a find, a local vintage shop I happened across in search of pretties for this challenge!

  8. What a cute setting you have done! Pretty little teapot.

  9. What a pretty the placemats.

  10. I like your arrangement in the teapot. It's got grace and style. Pretty table with those lovely bird dishes and placemats. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Aww, thank you for such a lovely comment, Sarah!! ❤❤

  11. This would be terrific for a ladies' tea or luncheon. So dainty and delicate! I like the use of the teapot as a floral vessel. It's a creative way to bring color, texture, form and fun to the table. Lucky you to have lots of flowers in your garden to fill it up! I'm way too lazy to walk outside and snip at what's out there! :-)

    Have a beautiful weekend!

  12. Alycia, you always make me smile. :)
    Thanks for your visit...enjoy yours as well!

  13. I am visiting again from Kathleen's Lets Dish challenge. You have met her challenge beautifully!

    1. I am flattered, Candy. Your table was fantastic! Thank you. :)