Saturday, April 4, 2015

Five Ways to Enjoy the Romance of Spring

Hello, dear friends!!  Thank you so much for stopping in for a moment!  Are you ready for Easter? Spring is moving right along here in sunny California.  We are at the end of the second week of the season, the weather here has been beautiful, so we and our kiddos are thoroughly enjoying spring break!  What does Spring mean to you?  For me, it means getting outdoors and enjoying all I see around, especially in the garden!!  I shared in the last week of February some shots of my garden, where little blooms were just beginning to poke out their curious little faces.  We are in full swing now, here is another look around at more.

The red knockout roses are coming along nicely (although they need pruning, I'll be getting to that soon).......

The English and Spanish lavender are just beginning to flourish,



the birds of paradise are spreading their wings happily......

my potted geraniums look bright and cheerful;

even my grapevines have become lush and lovely.  Would you believe this was nothing more than barren twigs just about two weeks ago!?

There are even early signs of my grapes coming sweet!

My favorite in the back yard are the floribunda "iceberg" roses, so I am sharing several shots.  The bush is no longer just a couple of little buds and sparse flowers, it has really begun to blossom.

They smell so absolutely beautiful!

Cool and white,

sweet and delicate.

Other than enjoying the beauty of nature's bounty, this past week, I shared a few other ways to enjoy Spring.

2.  Give Your Outside Furniture a Quick Update

3.  Choose a Fresh Color Palette to Entertain Outdoors

4.  Bring a Whimsical Centerpiece to the Table to Evoke a Cheerful Atmosphere

Using a Soft and Delicate Color Palette For Easter
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  1. So many lovely ideas. I can't wait for spring to really get here where I live. My patio is begging us to enjoy it and the daybed needs to have some afternoon naps taken on it! Happy Easter!


  2. Hola chica Hermosa!
    Beautiful and inspiring images of Spring my sweet Decor Darling. Spring is such a lovely time of year with all it's blooms.
    Happy and blessed Easter to you and yours,

  3. Your garden is already in full bloom and looks great. I really like the English lavender and think it will be a water wise choice for this year's garden. Sweet pitcher with the daisies too. Hope you had a nice Easter.

    1. Thanks, Nora! I totally agree about the lavender! Thank you for visiting!

  4. I just love this time of year! My favorite season. I love the Spanish Lavender, but it is just an annual here. I have one red knock out rose in my new rose garden. Only a few years old so the roses are still small. Just starting to get buds. Can't wait till I have pretty blooms like yours! Love your pretty tabletop décor with the yellow watering can and Daisies! Thanks for sharing with SYC.