Thursday, April 16, 2015

Three Helpful Cleaning Hints

Hello, Blogland friends!  Thank you for popping in today!  When the Spring season is in full bloom, for me it's time to throw open the windows, downsize and donate; clean and spruce up whatever has been neglected over the winter.  In other words, just as the world is born anew, I love to start in the Springtime with a  fresh outlook and a fresh start. Today I am sharing a few of my favorite tidbits I use all the time, and certainly in the Spring.  I hope you enjoy!  I also should mention that I have not been paid for any endorsement, these are just tips I'd like to share!

Prolonging Fingerprint-Free Stainless Steel
I definitely subscribe to the age-old adage "Necessity is the mother of invention."  I am all about improvisational ideas!  One day while cleaning, I found I had run out of my stainless steel cleaner.  I looked through my cleaners, and the only thing akin to steel cleaner was my Swiffer Multi-Surface Dust and Shine Spray.  The cleaner is indicated for wood, granite, leather, and marble, but it worked wonderfully on my fridge!

I found that using the cleaner creates a sort of protective barrier on the steel, and it doesn't fingerprint as quickly!  Please view the two videos below!  In order to view, you may have to visit the full website from on a PC.

Part I
Next, I cleaned with the Swiffer Multi-Surface Spray.

Part II

Cleaning the Crevices of a Glass-Top Range
The advent of the glass top range was supposed to make our lives easier, right?  Temperatures would be better-controlled.   It would be easier to clean. No longer were the days of dismantling the range to clean messy drip pans. 

In some ways, I do agree with that. However, how do you clean the crevices along the top of the range? Before I thought of this idea, I would take a butter knife and run it carefully along the edges, but noticed even with my gentle hand, there were tiny abrasions.  I thought of a simple solution that really works. 

You will need:

Small plastic ruler
Cleaner of your choice

Here is my range before.  Pretty clean, but ick, those crevices! 

Dampen and tightly wring out your dishcloth. Wrap your ruler in the dishcloth.
Spray your range surface with cleanser. With the wrapped dishcloth, use the edge of the ruler to trail along the inside edges of the range top.

After. All clean!!
Keeping Your Bathroom Mirrors Steam and Streak-free Longer
I can't claim this tip as my own, but it does work!  A few years ago, I became a fan of the BBC America program "How Clean is Your House?"  The show featured two ladies:  Kim and Aggie, a Brit and a Scot, who would go into some of the messiest houses in the UK, and subsequently the USA, offering cleaning tips with candor and humor.  It was one of my guilty pleasures, for sure!  I loved seeing those spaces transformed!  On one of the episodes, after cleaning a bathroom mirror, a client was told to then apply and wipe off shaving cream.  It prevents the mirror from steaming up after the shower has been used, and also repels dirt a bit longer.  It sounds wonky, but really, it works!  If you are a busy person like me, anything to alleviate the time-crunch helps. 

I hope these tips have been helpful, and that you are enjoying some sunshine wherever you are!!!!!

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  1. Those are really great tips. Thanks for sharing them and have a lovely weekend... :)

  2. Great tips! I actually like housework but don't usually say so out loud :-)

    1. I hope to get started on my spring cleaning soon. Your remarks about it are quite inspiring! And I'd like to try that mirror tip, but I have no shaving cream on hand.

    2. Happy shopping! Thank you for popping in! ;)

  3. I love spring cleaning as well. One thing I no longer do that we use to always do is wash down all of the walls. Paint is much better now and that is just a big job that this ole gal can do without! lol! Thanks for sharing with SYC.