Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day Reflections

Happy Mother's Day to everyone out there in the bloggerverse and beyond!  We celebrated yesterday, which is the usual, so today, I relax and take time to reflect.  I'll ask you in advance to please excuse the length of this post.

There are many contributing elements that make a person who they are.  I am so grateful for my mother, but also, my grandmother and her wonderful sisters....without whom, I don't know where I would be.

My grandmother was every bit a southern woman, hard-working, and so full of knowledge!  I can almost still hear her voice, Clean your house EVERY morning as if you are expecting company. She was a lady of class who always expected the same, and gave the best advice.  I loved to steal away to her dressing table, which was laden with pretty potions that were popular at that time....from White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor,

Red by Giorgio Beverly Hills,

to Red Door by Elizabeth Arden.....

but my favorite was her White Shoulders dusting powder.  I still remember that scent.   Even the sight of this makes me nostalgic.

When we were little, she doted on us.  I remember how special I felt going to her favorite department stores of the time,


The Broadway,

Bullock's, and other little boutiques.....all of whom are now ghosts of the past that were bought out or liquidated.

The first time she bought me a beautiful silk taffeta dress by Jessica was the eighties, and that was pretty "rad."  Lol.  Such fond memories of long-ago California!  
After losing her husband, she had to raise five children alone.  She didn't fall into despair; she went to work, later earned a degree, and owned multiple properties.  She was such an incredibly strong and savvy woman!  I miss her every day.

My Great Aunt Florence, who was grandma's sister, owned a thrift store, and as a kid, I loved rifling through the pretty baubles and things at her store (not much has changed!). 

Here she is pictured (first) alongside my grandmother.  They were incredibly close-knit.

My Great Aunt Jewel...always stylish and with impeccable make-up, was a no-nonsense lady who had no problem letting me know if I was stepping out of line (and believe me, I tried, ha), and I love her for it!

And finally, my Great Aunt Thelma whom I adored.  Soft-spoken, sweet, and kind, is how I remember her.

My other Aunt, Great Aunt Pearl, was also kind, but lived very far away so I didn't get to know her as much as I would've liked to.  I digress.  

Today's post is my reflection, a testament to how swiftly time goes by, and today, I want to remember and honor these wonderful ladies who are gone from this Earth but never from my heart.  I hope each of you and your family enjoys a truly blessed, blessed Mother's Day! 

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  1. The dusting powder is indeed fab, so glamorous.

  2. Your post was sooo beautiful that I teared up! Thank you for sharing your wonderful and lovely family. How lucky you all were to have the appreciation for one another. I too remember and still love White Diamonds, White Shoulders and other scents that stir sweet memories. Your talent for sharing is as beautiful as Your Essence. Happy Day to you!

    1. You are so very sweet!! Thank you for your kind words and your visit! :)

  3. I really enjoyed reading this post! I can see that beautiful women, both inside and out, run in your family. I also have fond memories of White Shoulders. I wonder if I'd think it's too sweet now, but I loved it when I was young. I also have fond memories of the old department stores. Such elegance and class. Loved the tearooms. Thanks so much for visiting my blog! Yours is fabulous and I'll be adding you to my blogroll. Blessings, Bess

  4. This post is so thoughtful! How wonderful you had so many amazing women be an active part of your life growing up. Such a blessing to have their love and guidance. The photo of Bullock's brought back memories. Going shopping used to be a special experience. And yes, my prom dress was from Jessica McClintock's! High end fashion at the time!

    1. Made me smile! Yes, I remember that when grandma bought those dresses for my sister and I they were in the high-end dept, lol! A lot certainly has changed, I miss those seems everything is mass-produced these days! Thank you for visiting!

  5. Oh I remember all of these scents. In fact one day my sister and I got in a car with our cousin and all three of us was wearing Red Door. Too much of a good thing! lol! Loved reading a little bit about these amazing woman in your life! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

    1. Lol.....I hope it was a convertible!! ;)
      Thank you so much for visiting ang hosting, sweet Jann!

  6. This is a great post. I love how you made a reflection post, a great idea! I may do one as well. - Seri from

  7. Great Job Yavette.. that was a great walk for me down memory lane.. <3