Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Welcomed Visitors

Hello, Friends!  Thank you for stopping by my blog!

Do you like visitors?  Sometimes you enjoy having visitors, and sometimes, not so all depends what kind they are!  We have unwelcome visitors already this Spring at the Parsimonious house.  The weather is warm, and because my modest casa is a lakefront property, the mosquitos can be a real nuisance.  Maybe it's the scent of my lotion that drives them nuts, but I always get eaten alive!  :0}

Other visitors can be a welcome sight.  This little fellow followed me home the other day.....

I didn't object.

Not even when he claimed a space right on my kitchen counter.

He waffled back and forth about where he should stay,

and I likened his indecision to mine.  ;)

He felt most at home at the far end of the countertop.......

next to flowers, where he could admire Dali, boxwoods, and fruit.

Weathered and worn,

he appeared as though he'd been lambasted, the poor dear...

but it made me love him all the more.

He reminded me of an ancient relic you might find in some very old secret garden.....

along with his pretty-petaled friends.

The lake doesn't just bring the mosquitoes.....I walked outdoors and was greeted by these two right in the driveway next door.

A wonderful sight to see,

these two little mates,

they paid me no mind....

as I marveled at their beauty.

Will someone special visit you this Mother's Day?

Little Statue, Tai Pan Trading

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  1. Oh what beautiful photos. Enjoyed seeing the photos AND reading your thoughts. Great Post!

  2. Love that statue! He does look he just stepped out of an English garden. The ducks are beautiful and you got some amazing shots. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

    1. Jann, I am flattered! Thank you so much for having me! :)

  3. Very pretty! Thanks for linking with Home Sweet Home!