Sunday, September 14, 2014

Set Your Table With Flair--Back To Blogging/Simple Beach Tablescape

Hello, dear friends!  Thank you so, so much for stopping in!  After a much-needed hiatus and Summer fun with the hubs and kiddos, I feel it is time to get back to business-as-usual.  I will begin by saying I hope everyone has enjoyed their Summer!  I've been away awhile; I've also been pretty busy as of late in preparation for a community production of Dolly Parton's Broadway adaptation of 9 to 5!!  I adored the movie when I was younger, and I thought, how fun!!  Praying for a good show! 

The end of the season is almost here!  Summer hasn't officially ended quite yet (and it is still soooo HOT in CA), so in today's post, I thought I'd share a very simple, inexpensive tablescape idea in the spirit of Summer.  I hope you enjoy the post!!

I began the tablescape with this lovely beach-y linen.  I love the sandy/ocean-y color of this fabric! 

To serve as my centerpiece, I set a small pail.

To create the illusion of a day at the beach, spilling out of the pail are seashells.

Next, I set simple bamboo placemats, indicative of sand.

Closer look. 

On either side of the table, I set blue lanterns.

Closer view. 

I placed blue ombré-design plates. 

Closer.  I just love the varying blue hues....reminds me of the many facets of the ocean and sky. 

I set these cute ocean-blue tumblers next. 

On each plate, I used a mini galvanized bucket as a napkin ring.  I'm noticing and loving how the light reflects in the tumbler here, almost like a pool or clear ocean water!  

Here is a shot of the napkins and tiny buckets. 

In each bucket, I laid a starfish. Simple. 

For summer, I am not fussy about utensils, as most summer food is eaten with the hands.  If needed, I usually use disposable. Here is a look at the completed tablescape, flatware omitted. 

A couple more shots. 

Closeup of the setting.  Easy-peasy, no-muss, no-fuss.  For me, Summer is all about relaxing!  

From my collection:
Linen, local thrift
Pail, Michael's Crafts
Bamboo mats, The 99¢ Store
Plates and tumblers, Big Lots
Napkins, generic. HomeGoods
Lanterns, Ikea
Mini buckets, starfish, and shells, The Dollar Tree

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  1. I knew when I saw that blue striped cloth that this would be cute, and it is darling!

    Love all the clever touches... Great idea about the bucket napkin rings!!!

    Love the blue plates, too. They look like the sky to me!


    Sheila :-)

    1. Awww, Sheila, always so nice to hear from you! Thank you for the compliment and for stopping by! :0)

  2. Glad to see you back, we've missed you! This bucket napkin rings are genius, a gorgeous table!

    1. AWWWWWW!! Thank you so much, Patti!! Always love your writing....just took a bit off, unplugged. :)

  3. Hi! have really been off the grid!!! I'm glad you enjoyed your summer, though. That's what summer is all about...relaxing and letting the fun kick in!

    I love the way the stripes of the plates mimic that of the tablecloth. It really is soothing to the eye along with the color.

    Welcome back to the Land of Blog! Looking forward to seeing more tablescapes in the coming weeks! Happy Fall!!!

    1. Yes...definitely unplugged for a bit! Thank you so much for visiting me today! ;)
      I'll be looking for your fantastic tables, too!

  4. Somehow I missed this post. I do like the bucket napkin rings a lot too. The cool shades of blues, whites and beige make a wonderful beachy table. I went MIA most of the summer too. Sometimes family takes first place in line for our time. Have a wonderful evening..... Candy

    1. Thank you for popping in! Yes, enjoyed time with the fam this Summer....hope you enjoyed your summer as well!