Friday, October 2, 2015

Falling For Fall--Finally!

Welcome....please step inside!

Hello, friends!  I've certainly missed looking at beautiful blogs and chatting up lovely bloggy pals!  Assimilating all of my children into school has been a huge transition, and we are busy, busy, busy!  It is bittersweet, because I no longer have any babies in the home, yet I am glad things are simmering down now that the school year is in full swing. 

Here in Southern California, we are still mid-drought, and temperatures are well into the hundreds, if you can believe that!  This evening, things are finally cooling down a bit, and there is rain in the forecast for this weekend, thank goodness!  It has me feeling that Autumn may finally arrive...and what better time than now to begin the turning of the season in the home? 

How do you prepare for the seasons?  I am a traditionalist in my heart-of-hearts, so I am reflecting that in this Autumn's décor.  I hope you enjoy the post!

As usual, I began this year by decorating the front doors of the house.

I originally made these to hang from my outdoor lanterns, but my lanterns are not mounted high enough, so they ended up on the doors.

Still, they turned out pretty well.  Here are snapshots of the right

and left doors.

If you would like to view the tutorial to make these fall topiary door hangers, you may visit the instructions on my other blog The Crafting Table here.

I love the idea of a large arrangement in an entryway or foyer; a large arrangement immediately draws the eye in while simultaneously making the home inviting and making guests feel welcome.  Akin to the changing season, the home décor is changing. 

My year-round arrangement

has found a new home here next to the fireplace so that I can make way for an arrangement festive for Fall.

This large arrangement full of happy fall colors makes me smile, especially because it was fairly inexpensive to create.  Here is my process.

I began on my foyer table with a medium-sized urn.


Placed just inside is a blanket, but you may also use quilt batting.  It will not be visible, so I used what I had on-hand.

I built a small tier of plant arranging foam right on top of the blanket.  I didn't bother opening them, because they make a mess, and after I take the arrangement apart, they are easier to discard when left in the packaging.

I used a few long skewers

to anchor the pieces together, and on all four sides of the bottom to hold it in place inside the planter.

I slowly began building, trimming when necessary,

and adding pieces here and there.

I always love adding real and faux elements to my arrangements, and this time is no exception.  Preserved fire-hued leaves garner interesting color (and scent).


With some of the leftover trimmed stems, I added faux grapes to the arrangement

by pushing the stems into the little loop just on the end of the grapes.

They made a nice addition, don't you agree?

Almost there.....just fluff where needed.  Completed arrangement.

Close-up of the detail.

Here are a few shots looking into the house,

and from the rest of the house into the foyer.

The arrangement was very inexpensive, as I used mostly items from The Dollar Tree.  Only the larger mums, preserved leaves, and dark long stems were not.  The larger mums and dark stems were leftovers from last year's cart.  You may visit that post in the archives.

The preserved leaves were from my local grocer.  The complete arrangement cost approximately $50-$60.

Along with the large arrangement, small nuances have been added around the house as well.

Cutesy witches brooms infused with fall foliage don my pantry

and interior garage doors.  Simple!

For the step-by-step to make these, please visit the post at The Crafting Table here.

A mat with sunflowers rests under the sink in the kitchen.

So cheerful!

On the dining room table, I have added my handmade runner, which also has worked as a centerpiece in previous years.  To view the tutorial to make this festive runner, you may visit the post on The Crafting Table here.

I hope everyone is enjoying Autumn!  Have you begun planning your Thanksgiving menu?

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  1. A feel good and happy fall decoration!!! That's wonderful.
    Happy days

  2. The front door looks so warm and welcoming. I like all the decorations.

  3. I'm glad that you received some well needed rain! Your urn turned out gorgeous and the hanging door pumpkins look so welcoming!

  4. you have a lovely home and your urn is a perfect way to welcome the new season. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop xo

    1. Thank you for having me, Katherine, always a pleasure! :)

  5. I missed you over the summer! Glad you're back. I'm slow to catch up but will do so today! I had that same mat in my kitchen, too! I love the scenes like that because then while I'm doing dishes, I can look down and smile. I love the flower tutorial because I never thought to use the bamboo skewers to hold it together (duh). As usual, you have inspired me!!

    1. Aww, so sweet....I do have a habit of being a little MIA during the Summer, so I can spend time with family. I love those mats, they are so comfy to stand on! Thank you for stopping in!