Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Set Your Table with Flair--Whimsical Easter Setting

I'm sure we've all attended holiday gatherings as children. I have distinct memories of being seated at the "kids' table."  Why should the kids' table be the typical sad card table haphazardly set with mismatched chairs and dinnerware?   I love entertaining, so I enjoy having family over; especially for holidays.  I usually set two tables; this is how I set an Easter Holiday table for children.  

When putting together this setting, I think of pastel colors infused with playful place settings.  I began with a lavender colored tablecloth and these flower placemats.  I used two of each color in my set, choosing to omit the lavender, which I think looks washed out against the lavender cloth. 

Next, I placed these adorable polka-dotted plates in opposing colors onto the mats. 

The salad plates, which I placed next, match the placemat. 

Now that there were three colors on each setting, I opted to place whichever color had not been used when I set the bowls. 

When I placed the saucer, I again chose to place on each setting whichever color had not been featured.

I placed the mugs on the saucers, again choosing to match the placemat. I then placed a matching napkin ring and pastel colored napkin. All complete for a fun (not glum) Easter setting!

From my collection:

Polka-Dot Service, Horchow
Flower Placemats, Homegoods 
Napkins and table linen, generic  

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  1. The kids should feel very special at your lovely table. Thank you for sharing this at History & Home this week, take care - Dawn @ We Call It