Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Set Your Table With Flair--A Rustic Thanksgiving Setting

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I cannot believe another year has practically flown by and it is again time to plan for annual Thanksgiving festivities!  If your family prefers the simplicity of rustic country charm, I hope you enjoy this post. :)

When I began planning this rustic setting, I considered a very specific color scheme.  Earthy tones indicative of wood like beiges, brown, et cetera, are what I chose to utilize in this theme.

First, I decorated the chairs. I created this simple chair swag adorned with a burlap bow and pinecone.  To view the tutorial, click here.

I chose to leave my table barren of linen, again, because I love the earthiness of its color.  I set brown chargers, stemware, candles, and small goblets first.

Next, I placed my plates.

 I set these small brown saucers next.

Next, I set up a centerpiece. A few years back, I bought this plant hanger.  I love its wicker detail.

I thought it fit perfectly with this theme, so I decided to utilize it as a makeshift cornucopia. I placed it first, and added a large white pumpkin, pinecones, rustic acorn tops, and Indian corn.

Here is a closeup

Finally, I placed these acorn-ornamented place settings.

These were quite simple.  I used scrapbook paper,

folded down to 3" X 3" size.

Folded them in half.

 I then labeled each and threaded the hook of the acorn ornament through the fold of the paper.

All set!

Here is a closeup of the setting. 

From my collection:

Plates, Spode Woodland Birds Collection, Horchow/Neiman Marcus
Small saucers, generic
Small Imported Spanish goblets, antique.
Chargers and stemware, generic
Acorn ornaments, Big Lots

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