Friday, November 8, 2013

Festive Fall Wreath DIY

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Fall is upon us friends!  I just love the turn of the season and the beautiful colors our world offers this time of year.  It is time for lovely strolls down gorgeous leaf-laden paths, sweaters, and cuddling indoors.   It is also the prefect time to bring out the festive autumnal décor!  Today's post will feature how to make your own fall wreath for less than $15 per wreath.  

My supply list for two wreaths:

Rustic wreaths $5.99 each
Fall foliage  (I had mine from years past, you may likely find some at Walmart)
Ball mum bush $2.50 
3 Fall swags $0.99 each
2 faux fern leaf bunches $0.99 each 
2 sunflower pots $0.99 each
1 faux English Rose bunch $0.99
2 Foam bowl filler gourd décor boxes $3.50 each
Foam acorn bowl filler box $3.00
Paper clips
Glue gun
Glue sticks
Thin Ornament hooks $1.00 for 300
Craft or wire-cutting tool

First, I added a small hardware piece to each of the larger gourds. The process is the same as my self-made ornaments. These gourds and acorns were purchased at Big Lots from the fall clearance section, so the prices above reflect the 50% off. 

Begin by clipping a paper clip into three pieces.  

Take one of the three u-shaped pieces, and gently push it into your foam ornament. 

Bead a small amount of glue around the paper clip base to ensure no slippage.  Set aside. 

Next, I added foliage to this adorably rustic wreath made of twigs that I found at a local thrift.

After making the greenery foundation, I added the flowers in various spots, weaving the stems through the wreath.  The flowers, swags, and greenery all came from the local 99¢ Store.  

Next, I added the gourds by threading an ornament hook through the hardware I added, and twisting the other end onto a branch of the twig-wreath.  I didn't simply hot-glue them onto the wreath because I was afraid they were too heavy, and over time, would likely fall off.  Adding the hardware ensures they won't budge. 💪

Finally, I hot-glued acorns and pinecones onto the flowers. Here is a closeup of the completed wreath.   I opted not to cover the whole wreath because I wanted to showcase the lovely gnarled branches of the twigs.  

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