Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Set Your Table With Flair--Holiday Harvest

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It's almost that wonderful time of year for family, friends, and being thankful for all the lovely blessings bestowed upon us!  We truly enjoy Thanksgiving in my home, and I hope you enjoy the post.  

I began this tablescape with a table barren of linen. Next, I made my centerpiece.  These two pieces of thin wood, which I placed right in the center of the table, are actually BBQ smoking planks from the 99¢ store.

Next, I placed a large white pumpkin, small gourds, pumpkins, acorns, pinecones, Indian corn, lady apples, and a pomegranate. 

Side view.  

Now, I placed the settings.  I began with a charger, goblet and glass flute.

I placed my plate next. 

Next, I placed a brown saucer.

Next, I placed a napkin and harvest-themed ring, 

And one of my hand-made place settings. To see how to make these, view the tutorial on my other blog by clicking here.

Shown here, is the complete setting. 

I love Spode Woodlands for Thanksgiving, so if you're like me, you may want to showcase the plate by omitting the saucer and placing the napkin directly on the plate

Like so

Or completely off the plate and to the side, shown here.

Finally, I added my chairs with festive swags.  To see how to create these swags on my other blog, click Here.

Closeup of the centerpiece 

From my collection:

Plates, Spode Woodland Birds Collection, Horchow/Neiman Marcus
Small saucers, generic
Small Imported Spainish goblets, antique.
Chargers and stemware, generic
Napkin rings, Bed, Bath, and Beyond
Generic taper candles and candle holders 

One of the most wonderful parts about the holiday season is the emotion the senses evoke!  I just love the sights and smells of the season!  For a lovely home fragrance, may I recommend Ralph Lauren Hayride.  This fragrance epitomizes the scent of the season, and is one of my absolute favorites.  The description on the box reads, "A blend of Autumn squash, nutmeg, and vanilla."  It truly is fantastic.

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  1. Beautiful! I also have Spode Woodland and it is a favorite of mine! You will see it often on my blog!
    Blessings, Pam