Friday, November 15, 2013

Set Your Table With Flair--A Traditional Christmas

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Well, my darlings, Christmas is almost here and I am practically rabid with anticipation!  Christmas to me is synonymous with family, love, childhood many things and I truly enjoy it.  We have a pretty large family unit (starting with seven, YES SEVEN!! in our immediate), all of whom really enjoy this time of year.  Getting together is what we love most.  Today's post features how to set your holiday table with traditional fare, or at least my interpretation of it.  I hope you enjoy.

I began by setting this lovely sparkly tablecloth.  I chose this one specifically because it reminds me of the snow...makes me reminisce freshly fallen snow glistening on a crisp winter morning.

Closeup of the detail 

Next, I placed these lovely vibrant red chargers.

I placed these lovely plates next.  I just love these.  I love this silver-rimmed edge, and the delicate flower detail.  These once belonged to my husband's mother, so these hold special sentimental value as well.

Next, the salad plates,  stemware, glasses, coffee cups and saucers, and the candle holders.

Finally, I added some freshly-trimmed roses

to my pre-made centerpiece, and added the decorated napkins, and red candles.

 To view the tutorial for this centerpiece, you may visit my blog The Crafting Table by clicking here.

For the napkins, I began with a vibrant red napkin, tied it with a small piece of ribbon.

Next, I added two small silver ornaments. These ornaments are great because they come with a long and very pliable wire.

I threaded the wire through the ribbon,

And twisted. Shown here. 

Next, at the end of the table, I placed some decorative barware. I just love the plaid detail of these!  So perfect for Christmas.  

In front of the barware, I placed a small topiary ornament. If you would like to view the tutorial for this ornament, click here  

Finally, I added my holiday-decorated chairs.  Nothing says traditional Christmas to me like tartan!  I used a base chair swag (tutorial here), and added a swatch of this lovely plaid.  

All set!  

Here are a couple closeups of the setting.  

From my collection:
Plates, saucers, and coffee cups, Noritake Sorrento 7565 Collection
Barware, vase, decanter, and bowl, all, Ralph Lauren Glen Plaid Collection
Stemware, generic
Linens and napkins, generic from TJ Maxx/HomeGoods 
Chargers, generic 
Candleholders, Antique
Small ornaments, Hobby Lobby

When we celebrate, I always like to have my home smell lovely, so for Christmas may I recommend  Ralph Lauren Holiday Stroll.  The fragrance is very lovely yet subtle, so it doesn't overpower the scents coming from my kitchen as I prepare for the festivities.  The box reads, A blend of warm baked apple with cinnamon, clove, and vanilla. 

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  1. How lovely! And to me, one of the most special parts of this tablescape are the wonderful dishes that belonged to your MIL. I love the tartan on the chairs, the cute wreath with the bird, and all the layering. You did such a nice job!

    Merry Christmas to you...



    1. Thank you so much Sheila, glad you enjoyed the post! :)

  2. Gorgeous table! The red and white is SO festive! Love your banquette too!