Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A Refreshing Look For the New Year

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Bidding adieu to Christmas can be bittersweet.  I wish it could last forever!  However, with the New Year comes promise and a renewed sense of enthusiasm for me, does it for you?   Have you made any resolutions? 

Just prior to Christmas, I was out shopping at my local Williams Sonoma.  I am a fan of the store, as well as its affiliates Pottery Barn and West Elm.  While there, I happened upon these gorgeous preserved cypress topiary balls,

and preserved cypress trees.

Really beautiful!  However, the price of $50 each for the smallest of the selection seemed a bit steep to me.  It did however, get me inspired, and I began thinking about preserved boxwoods or cypress. A few days later, I did some searching via the internet and found there wasn't much variation in price.....they are expensive!  For example, Restoration Hardware's goregous boxwoods cost $25 for the tiniest ball measuring just 5 1/2",

and the smallest of their trees, shown here, $49.

My intent had been to incorporate some preserved cypress or boxwood into my Christmas décor, but at these prices, it gave me pause, and I shelved the notion hoping to maybe return post-Christmas and catch them on sale.

Fast forward to yesterday.  I was perusing at one of my favorite haunts, TaiPan Trading, and I happened across these gorgeous boxwood topiary trees.  They are genuine preserved boxwood, and I was so excited that each only cost $22, plus I had a coupon for 25% off of one.  SOLD!  I adore the rustic little cement pots each tree is nestled in....perfect for my house which has a cement planter in the foyer.

I also snapped up this darling little metal long-length bucket....too cute.

These topiaries look great on my dinner table alone,

or in the bucket.....

they also look great in the kitchen, where I placed them in a serving tray I bought long ago but no longer use for serving.  I usually use the tray for little vignettes around the house, but here it works well because of the contrasting color.

How to prolong the life of your preserved boxwood:

A). Keep away from direct light, or the boxwoods will turn golden yellow in color

B). Keep out of humid temperatures

C). Sporadically spray with water to keep fragrance longer and to keep fresh

Adding these little guys really gave the house a fresh feeling, and I may return for more! :)

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  1. Wow, those preserved boxwoods are gorgeous. They look so upscale and classy. I have seen similar ones at Pottery Barn and was amazed at the price. A great find and price. Enjoy.


  2. Glad you found some for a good price. I'm a fan too. I bought some spheres in graduated sizes a few years ago and have used them atop urns and vases instead of flowers. Like you say they can be pricey, but considering that they are lasting I rationalized that it was more economical that fresh flowers that wouldn't last more than a week. Then last year, a local grocery put their boxwood topiary (very much like your pieces) on half price sale. I bought several and have enjoyed them in various places in our home. Love it when that happens! '-)
    Enjoy your pretty topiaries. They look terrific!

    1. Thank you so much, Sarah! Glad you were lucky in finding some as well!

  3. I love anything green...these are really cute and such a great price, too.

    1. Me too, Marigene! So fresh! Thank you for stopping by!

  4. Adding greenery this time of year makes the house feel fresh and bright. The topiaries look great in the tub... nice buy!