Monday, January 19, 2015

Creating the Mediterranean Look

Hello, friends!  Thank you for stopping by!  How is everyone enjoying the last leg of winter?

What would you say is your design aesthetic?  I am a lover of so many things, sometimes I question if I have design ADD, lol. If I were to sum of the style of my home, I guess it's best described as European Eclectic, or European Hodge-podge.  Most of the elements in my home come from the Mediterranean region, combining elements of Spanish, Italian, and French-Mediterranean.  I even have a Pinterest board dedicated to this style (along with English Country).  To visit my European Dream Home board on Pinterest, click here.

A few days ago, the wonderful folks at Charish contacted me and asked me to curate a room choosing items from their site that reflect my personal style.  Have you ever heard of the website Charish?  It's an online marketplace where you can peruse and shop gently used furniture, antiques, rugs, et cetera!  Think Christie's Auction meets Flea Market with the casualness of Ebay.  For someone like me, it's fabulous, because I adore brocante!   Today, I have chosen a few items to create a stylish space infused with Mediterranean or Old-World flair.  I hope you enjoy the post!

My picks for the inspiration board:

Individual items and links, starting from left to right.  To be directed to the item's specific page on Charish, simply click the item's description:

The foundation of any fabulous room can almost always be attributed to the flooring or floor décor!  How gorgeous is this rug?

What do you think of my picks?  I'd love to hear from you!  Please check out the wonderful items at Chairish (use the links above), and don't forget to browse the great collection of rugs!  To view the collection of rugs, click here

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  1. Yes, I too love brocante and all of these are beauties! What don't I like here! You are lucky to be going to do this with your friend.

  2. Sooo beautiful! I love all those Frenchy things....Christine

  3. Love your picks, just gorgeous! I really love this style.