Monday, January 13, 2014

Set Your Table With Flair--A Romantic Setting For Two

Hello, friends and lovebirds!  Thank you for visiting my blog!  I hope everyone has had a wonderful start to the new year!  

With Valentine's Day coming very soon, I wanted to do a tablescape suited for sweethearts.  A few years back, I surprised my husband with an adorable table I'd set for two, champagne, and homemade bouillabaisse. He still speaks of it fondly today, so in this post I'd like to attempt to replicate that setting.  

First, I laid a silvery-white tablecloth, which made a nice contrast against my dark wood floors. 

Next, I scattered rose petals.

I placed my antique cart on top of the cloth and petals. 

I love this cart I found at a local antique mall!  It even has scrolled hearts on the wheels.....cute, no?

I placed two vibrant red chargers. 

On top, two black plates. 

Next, I placed candleholders and crimson-colored candles.  VaVoom!

In the center of the two candles, I placed a small floral arrangement of faux red roses.

The space on the cart is very limited, so I opted to use a black flute in lieu of a vase.

On each plate, I placed a clear flute. 

In each flute, I placed a quasi-heart napkin. 

To fold the napkins, I started with a standard red napkin, folded it half, and in half again.  Then, I folded it diagonally. Pull one corner of the straight edge toward the point.  Repeat on the other side. You should now have a napkin with a top loop half-circle. I placed the napkin into the flute, pointed sides facing downward. Right in the middle of the half-circle, I gently pressed the napkin down, forming a heart (or is it bunny ears....well, I did say quasi-heart, lol).


Another thing I love about this cart is the side, where there is room for beverage service if you prefer.  

Top the setting off with a bottle of bubbly, all set!!

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  1. This is the perfect romantic tablescape, and look at your cute hearts! Thanks for telling us how to do those. I might give it a whirl!