Monday, January 20, 2014

Set Your Table With Flair--A Very Victoria Valentine's


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Valentine's Day is almost here!  For me, Valentine's Day is synonymous with romance....what better way to indulge than with lovely lingerie?  I thought it would be fun to have a few gal-pals over, and all go on a shopping excursion to one of my favorite shopping haunts in preparation. 

Ever since the first Victoria's Secret ad campaign I saw in Vogue Magazine waaay back in 1989, I have been a fan.   In the campaign, a gorgeous woman is walking up a beautiful cascading staircase in a floating robe, telling the handsome man at the bottom of the staircase, "Shhh, I have a secret (I may be paraphrasing here)."  The campaign was brilliantly done, a sort of soap opera, and I was instantly hooked.   

This is how I set my table as a sort of homage to the brand. 

First, I set this black tablecloth. 

Next, I placed these pink chargers. 

On top of the pink chargers, I set plain black plates. 

Down the middle of the table, I set four bags of faux pink rose petals. 

Shown here. 

Next, I created a small floral arrangement using this pink vase. 

I filled the vase will a small amount of heart-shaped gem beads.

Here is the arrangement. The arrangement consists of faux black peonies, faux pink roses, and faux pink columbines. 


Next, I placed a flute at each setting with a plain black napkin inside.  

Inside the flute, I placed tiny roses. I removed the roses off of a simple rose spray.

Here is a closeup. 

On each chair, I tied a double-loop bow with this sheer pink ribbon.  

Shown here. 

Finally, I placed silverware in the traditional dinner style and one of these mini Victoria's Secret themed name-place presents at each setting. To view the tutorial about how to make these, you may visit the post in my blog The Crafting Table by clicking here.

Here is the complete Tablescape. 

Closeups of the setting. 

From my collection:

Tablecloth, generic, Target
Flutes, generic
Pink chargers and black plates, generic
Silverware, Mikasa Zena Satin Collection 
Tiny desert forks, Grace Teaware, from HomeGoods 
Napkins, generic, TJ Maxx/HomeGoods
Ribbon and tiny roses floral spray, 99¢ Store
Faux roses, pink petals, and faux pink columbines, The Dollar Tree
Faux black peonies, Michael's Crafts

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