Thursday, June 26, 2014

Quick and Easy Patriotic Potted

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Typically for each holiday, I decorate for the entire month beginning on the first of that month. For example, if it is December, I try to have the Christmas décor up by December first (try being the operative word, lol).  I've found blogging to be a challenge, really you need to be a month ahead, oh dear.  We are almost into July, so today I wanted to share a potted plant idea that is very simple, and can bring patriotic charm to any décor.  

You will need:

A large pot for planting
Garden soil (I used and prefer the MiracleGrow Flowers and Vegetables mix)
Assorted blooms in red, white, and blue

For my red, white, and blue, I chose specific plants.  

For red, you cannot go wrong with vibrant-colored geraniums. 

For my white, I thought Vinca Cora Whites would do nicely. 

Finally, the most tricky is finding blue.  Finding blue flowers without ordering them special can be a challenge.....luckily for me, Armstrong Garden Center was flush with lovely Lobelia.  Lobelia are really pretty dainty blooms, and can vary in color, really contingent upon lighting. They can appear as dark blue or near purple,

or as a soft periwinkle. 

After I chose my pretty petals, it was time to pot them. I began by creating a foundation of vitamin-rich soil in my pot. 

I added the flowers.....breaking apart the roots a bit before placing them into the pot, and then filled the rest of the pot with more soil. I used a pot from another plant, and because it will be hidden, it didn't need to be pretty. 

Once I arranged all of my little guys in their pot, I watered them.  Finally, I placed the pot right on my front porch in a darling little rustic cart.  I adorned the cart with a patriotic bow, and voilà!  So simple. 

Here's a closer look.  Sweet, no?  

How are you preparing for the festivities next month?

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