Monday, June 9, 2014

Set Your Table With Flair--A Classic Father's Day

Hello, friends!  Thank you so much for stopping by my little corner of blogland. If you've read any of my posts, I'm sure you know by now that I appreciate the old traditions of both France and England. In honor of Father's Day, I wanted to set a masculine yet elegant table steeped in a traditional English theme.  I hope you enjoy the post.

I began with a handsome tweed tablecloth. Although tweed originated in Scotland, it is a very popular fabric in the UK, and has long been one of the traditional cloths used in jackets of game hunters and horse riders.

I love the houndstooth pattern of this cloth!  Houndstooth and herringbone tweed are such wonderfully masculine fabrics!  Here is a closeup.

Next, I stacked three of my Encyclopedia Americana editions.  I wish they were Britannica, but those are incredibly expensive collectors' items now that they are no longer printed, and haven't been since 2010.  

On top of the encyclopedias, I set a rustic serving dish. 

The serving dish was followed by simple white plates,

clear plates,

and brown saucers. 

A large goblet and coffee mug came next.

I adore the print of the polo jockey riding full-throttle, mallet ready.  

To serve as either ashtrays or as a place to discard nutshells, at each setting, I set one of these wonderful coasters. Each depicts a scene of hunters and hounds.  Aren't the English Foxhounds and hunters in classic regalia charming!? 

Shown here.

At each setting, I placed a tan napkin adorned with a wooden napkin holder. 

Next, I placed one of these handsome hand-painted wooden mallard decoys at each setting. 

Shown here. 

A tortoiseshell butter spreader was placed next to each mallard.  Finally, in the serving dish, I placed pirouette cookie "cigars."

A few more shots of the complete tablescape.

A closeup of the place setting. 

From my collection:

White plates, Ralph Lauren Club Collection
Clear plates, generic
Brown saucers, generic, from Tai Pan Trading
Mugs, Ralph Lauren Polo for Wedgwood Collection
Coasters, Lindner Kueps Bavaria 
Tortoiseshell spreaders, Ralph Lauren Wentworth Tortoise Collection
Goblets, generic
Napkins, generic, from HomeGoods
Wooden napkin rings and rustic serving dish, Target Home Collection
Wooden Mallard Decoys, People's Republic of China

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  1. Such a great masculine the houndstooth table cloth too!

  2. Fabulous sweet friend! I love the dishes and the ducks, you sure created an awesome Father's Day table. Very elegant and masculine! Have a great weekend ahead.

  3. FUN table! I really like the masculine overtones, and you've made gentlemen's dining look quite lovely starting with that beautiful houndstooth fabric! I love classic fabrics for my home and for personal dressing. When you don't know what to wear...go classic! It's a tried & true formulation!

    Those Britannicas are really tough to find now. I think even the thrift stores caught on pretty quickly and started marking them up pretty high.

    The mugs and mallards are great touches! Very masculine, indeed!

    The coasters are TERRIFIC and would be great for a number of functions including those you mentioned! Wouldn't you just love to get up every morning and find your riding coat and boots all laid out for you?! :-)

    Nice table for Father's Day or for anytime you want to give the guy in your life a smile!

    1. Thank you! I agree, thrift stores are not so thrifty anymore, they've become incredibly saavy. Boo. :(
      Thank you for popping over. :)

  4. What a great table! I love the houndstooth cloth and your choice of dishes and complement pieces. The colors are great and it is so appropriate for a Dad's Day!! Well Done......Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  5. Any man would love this table! I love that you designated the little coasters, for an ashtray or nutshells. Ashtrays are so politically incorrect any more, but necessary for a great cigar. Substituting pirouette cookies for cigars, just makes me smile. Thanks for making my Friday!

    1. So glad you enjoyed the post! Have a beautiful weekend! :)

  6. What a fabulous table setting! So unique and creative. You have such a flair, love it!