Monday, February 23, 2015

Early Morning Tea

Good morning, friends, and welcome!  Thank you for stopping in!

There's nothing quite like the wee hours of the morning when it's still dark.  A little quiet moment stolen from the hustle and bustle.  I use this time to make breakfast for the kiddos, read a little, and prepare for my busy day.  This particular morning, the rain is pitter-pattering outside as I make one of our favorite breakfasts, classic banana bread.

I do love the rain, but not so much when I need to be out in it.  

A strong cup of English tea,

served in pretty china,

along with warm bread fresh from the oven

energizes and soothes along with the musical tap, tap, tapping.

Adore the sweet little cottage on this cup.

Although not its original purpose, this jaunty fellow makes for the perfect water receptacle.

I love mixing blue and whites, and soft blue and white linen is no exception!

If you would like the recipe for this bread, please visit the post on my blog Parsimonious Pabulum here

Please keep warm and safe wherever you are!

Thank you for visiting!

From my collection:
Teacup, Wedgwood Queen's Ware, Romantic England Suffolk Willy Lotts Cottage
Saucer, Wedgwood Queen's Ware, Romantic England Huddington Court Worcestershire
Other crockery, James Kent Old Foley Stafforshire 18th Century Chintz
Flatware, Wallace Grand Duchess Collection, Neiman Marcus/Horchow
Linens, vintage, local antique
Wrought iron trivet, antique

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  1. A great way to start the day -- love banana bread and of course, I adore blue and white! All blue and white mixes well!

  2. What a lovely way to start a day. We love Banana Bread here. I started making it a lot when we lived in Puerto Rico and had a banana tree in our front year. When the bananas started to ripen we ate a LOT of banana bread but to this day we still love it. I use the recipe from one of my favorite cookbooks, Beard on Bread. Thanks for sharing today. And we use blut and white china every day.

    1. Yum! How neat it must've been to have a tree right in your front yard! I have a terrible sweet tooth, so I imagine I'd be in a bit of trouble, making puddings, banana cream pies, et cetera....mmm! :)
      Thank you for popping in!

  3. Beautiful blue and white china! The cake looks delicious!!

  4. Mmm, banana bread is a wonderful treat with tea or coffee! Love your blue and white. The gold-plated silverware is lovely too and looks splendid with the china. Thanks for joining me for tea today.


  5. Good Morning! Banana bread and tea -- perfect way to start the day! Lovely china. Happy Tea Day!

  6. It is always wonderful to have a few quiet moments. It does great things for the soul. Banana bread is my favorite and yours looks delish. Perfect china to enjoy such a wonderful treat.

    Have a great week.


  7. There's nothing cozier than enjoying a cup of tea while the rain pitter patters outside.

  8. I love your blue and white setting, and yes the sweet cottage scene is a delight! Even with the rain, that pretty setting must've cheered you up. I'm curious about the darling receptacle. It's so sweet! Your banana bread looks so good.

  9. Great blue and white tea--your transferware pattern with the cottage is very pretty. Warm banana bread sounds like a perfect way to start the day! Hope you have a great one :)

  10. I love blue and white, too! If we were neighbors I would be sure to stop by!

  11. What a pleasant start of the day!

  12. You really know how to start your day! The bread looks so yummy and I'm sure it tasted so good with hot tea served in your beautiful teacup!