Monday, February 9, 2015

Set Your Table With Flair--Valentine's Day with the Queen

Hello, friends!  Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by my blog!  It has been a trying time the last couple of weeks to say the least.  The sporadic weather in California can be so frustrating!  You'd think I'd be used to it by now, having been born here; however, every now and again when there is a swift change in temperature, I am susceptible to catching cold. This time unfortunately, it was a terrible and unrelenting flu...including joint aches, chills, and light-headedness, and I am still recovering!  Nevertheless, I digress.  I'm just thankful I have the strength to post today!   

I am sure I have mentioned in a past posts how much I loved the book Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll when I was a child.  I loved books that provoked imagination, and this wonderful tale is certainly no exception.  One of my favorite films as a child also was Disney's animated adaptation.  As we know,  All ways are The Queen's Way, and I will be using this as an inspiration for today's post.  If you are planning a fun party for friends this Valentine's Day, or any day, I hope you enjoy!!

I began this tablescape with a black tablecloth.

Red foil placemats in the shape of hearts,

were followed by gold and silver chargers.

My premade clock plates were placed next.

Closer look.

If you would like to view the tutorial to make these plates, you may visit the post on my other blog The Crafting Table by clicking here.

Finally, jeweled heart-shaped plates were set to complete the stack.


Painting the Roses Red

Tiny premade topiary trees were placed at each setting, and in each tree, I placed tiny roses.  I simply deconstructed this heart,

and placed the roses into the branches of the trees.  There are no white roses at this setting, we don't want to upset the queen!  ;)

If you would like to view the tutorial to make these trees, you may visit the post on my blog The Crafting Table here.

Tea, Anyone?

Tea and teatime is a recurring theme in both the book and film adaptation.  I wanted to include it as well, and also add some fun and whimsy.  Each setting was set with a very large teacup perfect for tea with the queen.  There are three patterns, and on the opposite of each pattern, three quotes:  "Silence!" "All ways are my ways!" and of course, "Off with your head!"  You may also note, they are not particularly placed correctly.  All can be attributed to this wonderful world where nothing quite makes sense.  :0)

If you would like to view the tutorial to make these, please visit the post on The Crafting Table here.

To designate the place settings, I placed simple handwritten paper card nameplates on place cards made of playing cards.

Here is my process:

You will need two cards for each place setting.  Begin by choosing which cards you want to be the face of your place cards (In my case, hearts!).  Set aside.

Next, fold a coordinating amount of cards in half, one for each place card you intend to make.

On one of the folded sides, bead hot glue,

and glue onto the back of your "face" card.

You should now have a standing card.

Finally, I glued red cards to each and wrote the names in gold sharpie pen.

A red vase full of red roses and hearts centerpiece completes the table.

Completed tablescape.

A few more shots:

Closeup shots:

From my collection:
Gold chargers, generic
Silver chargers, generic
Clock plates, yours truly
Coffee mugs, yours truly
Jeweled heart-shaped dishes, The Dollar Tree
Foil heart placemats, Steinmart
Centerpiece; vase floral stems, hearts and all, The Dollar Tree

If you are looking to add another element, you may consider my giant playing card tutorial.  I made these cards a couple of years ago for a little girls' birthday party, but they also would work for this theme!  To see the tutorial, you may visit the post on The Crafting Table here.

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  1. What a great your very creative clock plates...and those place cards are fab!
    Good to hear you have recovered from the flu. We have been under the weather here for about a week...just now starting to feel better.
    Have a great week.

  2. How pretty! I love the placemats especially!...Christine

  3. Oh wow, very, very pretty table setting for romance with the gorgeous flowers centerpieces and the awesome plates.
    Happy Valentine's weekend ahead.

  4. What a great table for Valentine's Day! Love the cards and all your clever crafts! You do realize that most of the country is uber jealous of you Californians! Will check out your craft site~ Happy Valentine's Day

    1. Thank you very much Jenna! I think my kiddos are jealous of all the snow, lol! Hope you're keeping warm! :)

  5. So creative and lovely! Beautiful table and wonderful place cards...

  6. this is lovely. I appreciate you attention to detail too. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop! Watch for your feature on Monday xo

  7. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog because I almost missed this totally cool post! I love everything about it. The rose bushes for the queen (painted red roses anyone) and those great clock plates. They would be great for any Alice in Wonderland tea. This post was truly inspired!