Monday, February 16, 2015

Maaaaavelous Mirror Makeover #2

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Several months ago (or longer), a bit after I first began blogging, I purchased four mirrors from my local Salvation Army with the intent of refinishing them.  Here is a snap of two of the mirrors.  There was a pair of each of these very heavy mirrors.  

I refinished the more ornate of the mirrors right away.  You may visit that post in the archives here.

After some time, I refinished the other two, but never actually posted pictures of the result.  Although not as elaborate as the other two mirrors, nothing special, they still turned out pretty well.  Here is my process.

I began by lightly sanding the mirrors.  I used frog tape to protect the mirrors as I went to work.  I chose to paint the mirrors a dark espresso color, and I love that you can still see the grain of the wood.  Here is a look at the detail.  I just love these fleur-de-lis carvings at the top of each mirror as well as the delicate curves. The espresso color made the mirror look a little richer than the original walnut color.

After the work was done, I decided to hang one in the hallway, and the other in the living area.  

The mirrors now play nicely with my dark floors and darker wrought iron pieces in the house, and are much more dramatic.

Are you keeping warm?

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  1. You made a great score! I miss my old Goodwill from back home. We have no good hunting places that can compare around here! The silver one is my favorite!

    1. I definitely love perusing shops like those too, you never know what you'll find! Thank you for stopping by!

    2. All of the mirrors came out beautifully! You have inspired me to look at my local Arc and Goodwill for a mirror to restore. I'd love to hang a decorative framed one over my bathtub in my Master bath.

      I just sent you a friend request on facebook--already follow you on Pinterest! ;)

    3. Aw thank you, Pat! I follow you too! :)
      Happy shopping!

  2. You have a love of mirrors like me! You found such bargains! Great job redoing them!

  3. I love mirrors and these are all just sweet! You did a great job on the makeovers. I have a couple old chippy ones that I love just as is!

    1. Thank you, Jann.....I adore chippy and shabby cottage too, so sweet!

  4. Great job on the mirrors! I do have a question about the gorgeous side table...did you make that out of a statue or did you purchase that? It just adds sooooo much character to your decor. Thanks for a very, very, very appealing and inspiring Blog!

    1. Welcome, KaLee...thank you for your inquiry....I actually bought the ballerina table some years ago in a little shoppe. Thank you for stopping in and I appreciate the compliment!