Thursday, May 29, 2014

Set Your Table With Flair--Tea and Tea Tin Florals

Hello, friends!  Thank you for stopping by!  As we transition into beautiful warm weather, it makes me think of lazy childhood Sunday afternoons post-church, reading and taking naps in the warm beams of a windowsill....ah, the ease of youth!  I need to make a mental note to do those types of things more often.

Since I am in such a whimsical state of mind today, I'd thought I would discuss one of my loves, the tea tin.  I love them, whether new or vintage!  There is something so charming and sweet about finding a tin rich with history, and passed down from collector to collector.  Obviously, there is market for the love of tea tins; companies such as HomeGoods carry charming vintage-looking reproductions.  
Whether or not you have a collection, one sweet way to utilize a tea tin is to arrange florals inside.  If you are looking to make an arrangement that is simple yet elegant, florals in a tea tin is a lovely way to go.  

Here, I have set up a cozy corner to take tea.  I began with my little side table set against a curtain of soft natural light.  I added a pretty vintage tea napkin.  I love the delicate edges and how sheer it is!

Next, pretty crocheted doilies. 

My sweet tins came next,

followed by soft roses.  Love this muted peach color, and they smell amazing!  Because I want a vintage feel here, I purchased these a couple days ago, and they are wilting.....pretty!

Finally, my teacup and saucer.

Such a cheerful cup!  I love this stout little fellow!!

From my collection:
Cup and saucer, Royal Albert flower of the month collection Morning Glory pattern
All linen, local vintage shop
Rose tea tin, Ikea 
Green tin, Bentley Green Tea, one of my favorites❤

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Thank you for stopping by! ❤


  1. Absolutely wonderful, pretty girl! While Reading your post I was thinking how much I too love tea tins and yours are lovely! Love the teacup and roses in the tin! I have a couple of vintage, Chinese tea tins from my late Mil; great idea for making arrangements! Tks for dropping by to visit me while I was on vacation!

  2. Oh...and I adore those pretty doilies too! You should join the tea parties on Tuesday with this post!

  3. Your vintage inspired tea setting is charming. Love the peach roses and I like tea tins as well. Your RA teacup is lovely. Thank you for joining me for tea and have a beautiful day.


  4. Very pretty. I love the tea tins and how you've used them. Love the Royal Albert teacup.