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Well, I'll tell you, I love the little city I live in, from the lake and clubs, the lodge and its amenities; I do not have a love affair with one thing:  the city is all electric.  There I was early this morning, just having deposited the little ones to school, ready to do a lovely post of tea served in bed with Eggs Benedict when once again, there is a power outage. I don't mean to come across as petulant, but this is a regular occurrence in my city.  To top it, the outage may last as long as until 7:00 PM this evening!  Perhaps it's time to invest in solar and a generator like some of the savvy residents have done.  You live and you learn.  Thank goodness my posts are almost always accomplished via my iPad, and luckily I had it charged.  So for today, friends (because I have no stove or lighting!! Grumble), once again I will share a post from one of my other blogs.  

The following posts come to you from my blog, Marvelous DécorI usually have two posts for each theme I feature, one to serve as inspiration, and one with where-to-find it links.  I will share both, and feel free to pin any photo featured via my pinit button at the bottom of the post. I hope you enjoy the posts, and please stay tuned......

Eclectic Dining Room Ideas
This is an inspiration board only. To see how to get a similar look and where, please visit my blog in the archives under the name Musical Chairs.  Photos are courtesy of Houzz. 

Musical Chairs

Not too long ago, it would have been unheard of to not have a matching dinette set. Not only that, but popular opinion was that the china cabinet, sideboard, table, and chairs all needed to match as well.  Due to the growth in popularity of the flea-market flipper and the DIY decorator, there has been a growing trend of mixing chairs, or 'eclectic' seating.  This trend has become so popular that now  major design houses have gotten into the act by creating their own eclectic collections.  The following are examples of the trend in the pre-fabricated ilk.  












  1.  "Isabella" wing banquet and Tara Shaw Swedish side chairs, Horchow exclusive $3,319 and
  2.  Haute House Furniture "Benjamin" linen chair $1,059 and Pink Damask Chair, call for pricing   
       at Horchow 1-877-944-9888
  3.  Massoud Mix-and-Match dining:  Balloon wing chair, $2,699 and Marlin Blue leather side chair,
       $1,399 both, Horchow
  4.  Haute House Furniture "Havana" Chairs and "Corbin" Banquette, $499 and $2,175; both,
  5.  Pheasant Host Chair, $1,099 and Blanchett Side Chairs, set of two, $899; both, Horchow
  6.  Haute House Furniture "Elizabeth" and "Melody" Chairs, 42,829 and $1,019; both, Horchow
  7.  Haute House Furniture "Kayla" wingback chair, $1,399 and black linen chairs, set of two, $799;
       both, Horchow
  8.  Lasseter Clarice Banquette, $4,299, Clarice Chair, $1,329 and Black and White Feather Host
       Chair, $939; all, Horchow
  9.  Twine" Banquette, $1500 and side chair, $445; both, Horchow
10.  Massoud "Palomar" Chair, $1,369 and "Lita" side chair, set of two, $899; both, Horchow
11.  Massoud "Amiyah" Collection at Horchow.  Host chair, $1,989 and side chair, $1,029

To see how I accomplished this eclectic seating arrangement, you may visit the tutorial/post in my blog Parsimonious Décor Darling by clicking here.

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  1. wow, how do you manage so many blogs!? I'm impressed! thanks for stopping by my blog today. I'm going to have a look around, esp at your fashion blog!

    1. Thank you, Deborah! You wil see, some have more posts while others I've abandoned....trying to find my blogging feet and pick the one I enjoy most.