Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Set Your Table With Flair--Blue and Silver Tea in Bed

Hello, friends!  If you have never been to my blog, welcome!!  Those of you returning, thank you so much!  In our busy times, we all deserve a little reprieve, don't we?  An increment of self-indulging laziness to just relax and reflect.  If you do happen to be a returning visitor to my blog, by now you realize I am just a little taken with the color blue.  It's so gorgeous to me!  Today's post features two of my favorite colors, blue and silver, with a bit of white.  I hope you enjoy the post.

I began with a lovely blue and white tray.  I love the damask pattern!

Closeup of the detail. 

Next, I added the cups, 

which were followed by two lovely butterfly plates.  Adore the scalloped edges on these plates!  

My silver coffee and tea service came next.....and in the larger coffee pot,

I placed white gladiolus.  They smell so lovely!!

Next, the corresponding sugar and creamer to my cups,

and to complete the setting, darling vintage tea napkins and dainty teaspoons. 

I just love tea napkins, don't you?  I especially love vintage....these are so sweet and delicate.

If you don't have tea linen available to you, paper napkins with a similar pattern or like colors can be an adorable alternative. 

A few more shots:

From my collection:
Tea and coffee service, Godinger Hotel Collection, Horchow/Neiman Marcus
Plates, Lenox Butterfly Meadow Toile Collection
Cups, sugar, and creamer, generic
Spoons, Grace Teaware, from HomeGoods
Tray, generic, from Ross
Tea Napkins, from a local vintage shop
Paper napkins, Ikea

If you are curious, my bedroom décor: 
     Ralph Lauren Navy Paisley Suite
     Grey throw, Lauren Ralph Lauren 
     Grey throw pillows, Lauren Ralph Lauren collection 
     Navy blue pillows, Ralph Lauren Glen Plaid Collection
Lamp in background; also Lauren Ralph Lauren 

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  1. Very pretty tea tray! Blue and silver is always classy. Thanks for sharing and joining me for tea.


    1. Thank you, Sandi! I just love all your beautiful teascapes~❤

  2. Very pretty tea in bed :) Love the blues and whites paired with the silver--such a wonderful look :)

  3. Blue and whites with silver is just a totally classic look that you just can't beat. The elegance of your teascape is just fabulous. Thanks so much for sharing!


    1. Thank you for visiting, and for sharing your lovely blog!

  4. Very chic and elegant tea tray. It always such a special treat to serve tea in bed. I often do that for my family and friends when they spend the night. We all deserve to be treated special once in a while. Thank you for such a nice post.