Friday, May 16, 2014

Chandelier and Outdoor Lamps Makeover

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When my husband and I purchased our tiny little Mediterranean, it had an A-framed front and courtyard.  There was no foyer.

Since the foyer was a new construction, when we did the addition, I had to choose lighting.  We ended up deciding on a lovely wrought iron chandelier from Lamps Plus.  Our house is a Mediterranean, so it made me want Tuscan elements.   

I was drawn immediately to this gorgeous lamp from the San Dimas collection. 

I loved the lines of the lamp, and I liked that it was wrought iron.  Two things bothered me.  I thought the finish was a bit too shiny for my taste, and while I knew it was the norm to have yellow glass in a Tuscan-inspired home, I didn't care for it.  Don't get me wrong...I adore true Tuscan décor; the rich earth tones, the warmth it emulates.  For me personally, I love mixing elements of French and English as well as Italian and Spanish into my décor.  I guess you could say my home is European-eclectic inspired.

Enter the Manchester.  I loved the alabaster glass, which was much better for our home, especially because there wasn't an abundance of natural light (we would also be losing the window in the courtyard).  The yellow glass would've likely been more romantic, but still too dark for my taste.  I also much preferred the matte finish on this model. One problem.  It was black (do I sound difficult?  Oh dear).

So, rather than pay to have all the glasses switched out, I simply painted the chandelier.  I ended up choosing this spray paint by Rustoleum, in a bronze metallic finish.  

I also knew I'd need to replace the outside lamps (top right corner shown in first pic), because they were white.  Instead of buying new, I opted to use the same paint on those as well.  I love how they both turned out. My chandelier:

Up close pic of the finish (from the chandelier in the dining area, which I also painted):  Much more matte, making it more rustic, which I love.  

My outdoor lights:

I liked the fact that almost all of the lighting fixtures in the home would now coincide.  I also saved money (which I love).  These projects were completed pre-blog, so I don't have a step by step picture archive, but you get the gist.  I still get compliments on the chandeliers, so I never question my decision, and it is customized to my taste specifically.  


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  1. Way to make it work! I love the look of your lighting, it all works perfectly together.
    Smart and frugal, I like! Thanks so much for sharing.