Monday, May 26, 2014

Transitioning to Summer

Happy Memorial Day, friends, and God bless our heroes and their families!!  Thank you for stopping by. 

How do you transition from Spring to Summer?  Is it done by planning a romantic soirée with friends?

 Preparing a lighter menu?

Or is it choosing a wardrobe fit for the season?  When choosing a wardrobe for summer, for me comfort is a must!  I typically waffle between two styles: nautical/preppy, and I cannot get through the summer season without my staple the Maxidress. Nautical is classic, never dull, and effortlessly clean and fresh.  Maxidresses are easy, low-key, and come in an array of styles.  Here, I am going to share a few looks from my closet.

Nautical Looks

This is one of my favorite outfits because if I wear it solely with a crisp white tank, it is very youthful and fresh.  It translates to evening attire immediately by simply pairing it with my crested jacket.  
Banana Republic Nautical stripe skirt
Ralph Lauren Crested Blazer, Rope Necklace, and Link Bracelet
Michael Kors handbag
Sandals by Christian Dior

This look is so much fun!  The gold embellishments on both the short and sweater take a more literal approach to nautical style without being costume-y, and is both refined and fun, which I adore!
Banana Republic Black Cardigan 
Sailing shorts by Forever 21 Exclusive
Ralph Lauren Loafer, Rope Necklace and Link Bracelet
Michael Kors Small Leather Wallet


I love this Maxidress because it is soft and flowy, because of the seafoam blue (of course), and I love the asymmetrical hemline.  Platform or chunky sandals usually go hand in hand with this look.
Willow & Clay dress--Nordstrom Rack
On the model:

This maxi is so much fun because of the vibrant colors, whimsical pattern, and full skirt.  I usually pair it with a low sandal or Birkenstocks. So comfy!  
Sandy Starkman--from Neiman Marcus

On the model:

Finally, a last look......with me in it, lol!  This is one is my favorite Maxidresses!  I love that it incorporates nautical style and that this dress translates easily from day to night, contingent upon how I accessorize.  At the Metropolitan Musuem of Art, June 2012.
Maxidress, Victoria's Secret 
Gold chain and cuff, Ralph Lauren

Closer look with jacket
Handbag, Lambertson Truex 
Jacket, Ralph Lauren 

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  1. Love the fashions. Very easy pieces with lots of style. My favorite is that fabulous maxi dress. I do have to lighten up my meals so your suggestion is perfect. Thanks for sharing.


    1. So glad you enjoyed the post! I love the ease of Maxis! Thank you for visiting!

  2. Well, aren't you just a cutie patootie??!!! :-) You look so cute in your outfit at the museum, and I'm sure you're rockin' those other ones with style and grace! Oh, how I wish I could be slender like you again!!!!!!!!! Those were the GRAND old days!!!!!! My Summer wardrobe these days is still stylish, but more age-appropriate for a 56-year-old woman. Actually, the outfits you have shown here would work well for my body as is. I just wouldn't look as good as you! :-)

    Fun post! Have a great weekend!!!

    1. You look fab!! I remember the pics from your mother's special party, everyone looked gorgeous!! Thank you for making me blush. ;)