Saturday, December 6, 2014

Set Your Table With Flair--A Ralph Lauren-Inspired Winter

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Do you have any favorite designers?  I have been a fan of fashion and interior design for years and years, and one of my favorites hands-down has always been Ralph Lauren. 

The first time I saw a Ralph Lauren ad campaign was in Vogue Magazine.  I must have been fifteen or sixteen when I picked up and read my first Vogue magazine, and I vividly remember the first Ralph Lauren ad I saw.  It was an ad for his Safari Collection.  The campaign was brilliantly executed, and I was immediately drawn into his fantastic world.  I have been a fan since.

Here's a glimpse of the ad campaign I fell in love with.  Beautiful!

When I joined Pinterest some time ago, one of the first pics I pinned was a photograph of a table from Ralph Lauren's Noble Estate Collection.  The collection, certainly not lacking in dramatic flair, I have to say is likely one of my favorites the design house has ever created!  Here is a peek from the collection which premiered in 2008:

Ahhhh, the tartan!!!

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!

I honor of Cuisine Kathleen's December Tablescape Challenge, I will be using this collection as an inspiration. 

The inspiration photo: 
I just love the dramatic black, red, and gold with silver opulent!  What I also love about this table is its versatility. It would work perfectly for a fabulous evening among guests, an elegant Christmas get-together or even a sophisticated New Year's Eve soirée.

I wanted to replicate the table, yet also make it my own (and of course, I can't afford all of the beauty on that table anyway, yikes!), so it isn't an exact copy. 

I began on a sparkly tablecloth, adding dark brown placemats and black chargers.

A premade centerpiece of sugared dark grapes, apples, plums, pines, and roses was placed along with one clear candleholder and one black.

If you would like to see the tutorial for the centerpiece, please visit the post in the archives here.

The plate stack was completed with my mother-in-law's china and a simple hammered-edge saucer on top.  Simple white linen with gold capiz shell napkin rings were placed along with gold-plated flatware.

I didn't want the tablescape to be completely bereft of any Ralph Lauren elements at all, so I added small shot glasses at each setting, a crystal trifle dish,

champagne bucket,

and drink shaker.  The extras (not RL) are a gold dish for dip, a silver teapot, and crystal goblets.

A few more shots:

Comparison shots:

From my collection:

Tablecloth and black chargers, generic
Brown placemats and white linen, generic, HomeGoods
White plates, Noritake Sorrento Collection 7565
Hammered-edge saucer, Threshold Collection, Barnet Bronze, Target
Gold flatware, Wallace Grand Duchess Collection, Horchow/Neiman Marcus
Teapot, Onieda Wm. Rogers & Son Collection
Gold dip bowl, Threshold Collection, Target
Crystal goblets, Godinger Dublin Collection, Horchow/Neiman Marcus
Shot glasses and crystal trifle dish, Ralph Lauren Glen Plaid Collection
Champagne bucket and drink shaker, Ralph Lauren Equestrian Braid Collection
Punch bowl, Reed and Barton King Francis Collection, Antique
Capiz shell napkin holders, Horchow/Neiman Marcus
Candleholders, both, The Dollar Tree (two spray-painted black by yours truly)

Please be sure to use the link above or here to visit all of the wonderful bloggers accepting the challenge at Kathleen's!!

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  1. Stunning! You did an awesome, gorgeous job with your RL inspiration! There was a moment when I didn't notice it had changed into your table seting, it's just so perfect!
    This Wednesday cuisine Kathleen's got a challenge...Copycat tablescapes from Pinterest and you'd be wonderful!

    1. Awwwwww, thank you, Fabby! I plan to be there. ;)
      Thank you for visiting me!

  2. Fabby is right - your table is stunning..... I love it. You captured the essence of of the RL table and so much more. The elegance of the red roses and the drama of the place settings - it's all there. Beautiful job of meeting Kathleen's challenge!

  3. Oh, be still my heart! You have really met Kathleen's challenge successfully. What an exquisite table you have recreated! RL would be part to have been a part of such a lovely tablescape. Bravo!! Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  4. Your black and white table is so elegant table! You met the challenge beautifully and I love your centerpiece too!

    1. Oh, Mary, thank you! I'm set fabulous tables!

  5. Wow, your table is so beautifully elegant! You did an amazing job of copying the RL table. I like your centerpiece much more than the one in the original...that is a beautiful punch bowl. Thanks for sharing your talent.

  6. That centrepiece is to die for! I just love it!

  7. So elegant!! Your table met the challenge beautifully! Love that centerpiece and those hammered plates.

  8. Stunning, elegant and chic! You did an excellent job. Love the centerpiece too...Christine

  9. I'm a longtime fan of Ralph Lauren and his style. Your table is every bit as elegant as his. Beautiful job! I'd love to dine at your table for any occasion.
    Happy Holidays!

    1. He's great, isn't he!? Thank you for your kind compliment! You are welcome anytime! ;)

  10. What an elegant, beautiful table!

  11. Just lovely…A table set for tuxedos and gowns - so formal!! Did you know that Ralph's birth name was Ralph Lifshitz?? Some how Lauren sounds a bit fancier, huh?? A great designer and a greater man!!

    1. Patti....of course!! You cannot be a die-hard fan of the man for twenty plus years like myself (oh dear, I just aged myself, lol) and not know how he started from humble beginnings selling ties out of his father's garage!! What a testament to the American dream! Thank you for visiting and for your kind words! ❤

  12. A fan of RL, and you did a great job on his table. Very elegant, indeed! Thanks so much for such a beautiful entry to the challenge!

    1. Thank you so much for having me, Kathleen! I love your tablescape challenges!

  13. Your table is stunning. Beautifully done to match Raphn Lauren's table. Elegance at it's best. Happy Holidays.

  14. It may not be an exact copy, but it sure has your stamp on it, lady! Well done!!! I'm especially proud of you for the centerpiece in the punch bowl! That is a really great way to capture the "flavor" of the RL look.

    I have been in love with the look and fell of Ralph Lauren for years! I always used to dress in that fashion and loved the timelessness of every piece. I've slid off the wagon since no longer working, but I need to hop back on. It's a great look that just can't do wrong.

    Thanks for sharing your creativity! Have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you so, so, much Alycia! I do love his refined's timeless; trends may come and go, but RL pieces and collections ENDURE. Thank you for visiting me, so good to hear from you as always.

  15. Wow, I am very impressed. I have admired Ralph Lauren for a very long time too. His style is very Town and Country. Sophisticated by not overly done. Truly timeless and you have captured his spirit in your table design. You certainly set the tone for a very elegant and chic dinner party.

    Enjoy your weekend.


  16. Stunning, stunning tablescape! I love RL also...wouldn't you love the long leather coat in the first photo? And, I'm totally crushing over that red velvet sofa!
    Great job!
    House of Highlands

    1. Thank you, Sheila! Yes, I love it all! I'm crushing too! Thank you for visiting!

  17. Your table is just stunning!! I love your gorgeous centerpiece in the beautiful silver bowl. You did a fabulous copycat version of RL's table, but much more realistic and affordable. The silver teapot is sooo pretty. I love all your special touches. What a great job!